An Insane Matrix 4 Theory Suggests The Matrix is Actually The Real World Itself

The Matrix franchise has been quite a ride, as per success in movies and other media. But a thing that all media has in common is loyal fans. Matrix’s fans are some of the most loyal out there. The entire franchise is considered cult classic and fans have dissected all the footage we have to come up with strange lore that was never heard of before. This is the cult following this series has. So imagine our surprise when a Redditor posted a theory calling out the basic premise of this world. He says that the Matrix is actually the real world.

But how is this possible? It would invalidate everything that has happened before. But maybe not, lets read the theory first. Redditor u/BasketOfPizza posted this theory in r/Fantheories:

It’s the other way around. The blue pills are actually keeping him sane and healthy and the red pills are just drugs that make him trip and see stuff like machine squids and underground cities. Neil Patrick Harris is a good guy


This is quite an interesting take on things, but again, not something the fandom has not thought of. Many fans have speculated that the pills are reversed and it is done specifically for expectation subversion. The director knows that fans are familiar with the color of the pills so they are using them to misguided us in the trailer. It is quite an interesting thing because the fandom is not that hard to fool with things like this. We get over-excited and usually shoot ourselves in the foot with theories. But maybe this time we are looking beyond the curtain of deceit.


Matrix is Actually The Real World

Let’s look at the evidence we have and at the claim that is made. The convention is that everything is reversed and that Matrix is the real world. It is suggested that Neo is actually going for therapy to get over his past trauma related to the machine war. The blue pills (unlike the one offered by Morpheus) have nothing to do with breaking his illusion of the Matrix but in actuality are prescribed to keep him sane.


Matrix is Actually The Real World

It is theorized that after the truce with the machines, Neo might have been saved by the emergency treatment performed by the robots. Even though his body may have healed, his mind would have been shattered beyond repair. After losing the woman he loved and failing to save the world (dying at the hands of Agent Smith), Neo must have lost his marbles. Any sane person would have given in knowing how traumatic these successive events are (not to mention being permanently blinded by a person you trusted).


The machines might have evaluated this psychological scarring and created a subprogram for Neo. This program’s purpose would be simple, keep Neo calm and contained until Neil Patrick Harris can fix his mind through therapy. Machines may be doing this out of compassion. However, all of this seems needlessly complex. It is much easier to call the trilogy a figment of Neo’s imagination.


The Whole Life of Neo

What if he is just a very very sick man who has been imagining things. This would invalidate the sanctity of the original story a little so maybe the writers haven’t gone that route. But it is possible that after the ceasefire human society has been able to thrive and even created an earth lime simulation/ city. Something to simulate normalcy.


Matrix is Actually The Real World

If the machines healed Neo, then it is possible that he was put in this simulation of a city created by humans. Here he would have been continued to be treated by a qualified doctor, machine, or otherwise. This would ensure that Neo is in a safe environment, and is cared for by the people around him. A hero like him deserves all the luxury he can get (This includes being made whole again after having lost so much).


This theory would also mean that Neil Patrick Harris is actually a good guy. He is giving Neo the right Advice, he is trying to heal our hero. If on, y Neo would listen to reason and not go jumping around in the name of justice. Do you think this theory makes sense? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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