Jim Carrey is Rumored To Play MODOK In MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to introduce a whole new roster of characters with the various projects that are set to come out in the upcoming years. These projects will definitely play a major role in setting the next big event in MCU following the end of the Infinity Saga. New projects also mean a lot of new actors set to be added to the stars of MCU and we can’t wait to see our favorite actors play major roles in the MCU. Over the years, fans have wanted various different actors to play some of their favorite heroes. Apparently, Jim Carrey is rumored to play MODOK in upcoming MCU projects based on a rumor.

Phase Four

Marvel Studios has a lot of projects set to release in the upcoming years with a lot of them releasing in the next year. There are major things at play in phase 4 of the franchise as we are already witnessing some rather interesting events. These events do include the setting up of the multiverse, Valentina forming her team, and the introduction of Kang the Conqueror. All these events have actually proven that whatever we got to see in the Infinity Saga is nothing as there are much larger villains and problems on the way. There is a chance that Kang might not be the only villain set to appear in the upcoming projects as there is a chance popular Captain America Villain MODOK has been cast.


Jim Carrey As MODOK

Jim Carrey is Rumored To Play MODOK

Based on the recent post from the moderator at Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit, actor and comedian Jim Carrey has been in the role of MODOK for various upcoming MCU projects for Disney+. The leak suggested that MODOK might appear quite soon with She-Hulk being one such project. It was also reported that Jim Carrey would actually be seen as MODOK in 2023’s Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania even though it has not been confirmed yet. Jim Carrey has played a lot of interesting characters over the year and he has also shown interest in Marvel so it won’t be surprising to see him being an addition to MCU.



MODOK made his debut in the Captain America comics and is known for being a recurring villain for the hero. The villain was actually an AIM scientist named George Tarleton who underwent mutation leading to a freakishly large head while undergoing an experiment to increase his intelligence. He is mostly known for his rather unusual appearance and it would be interesting to see how this appearance is interpreted for the screen.


Jim Carrey is Rumored To Play MODOK

The character has become quite interesting over the year with a show titled on his name for SYFY with Patton Oswalt voicing him and him being the primary antagonist in the Square Enix Avengers game. There were plans of MODOK being a rather important part of the Ant-Man and The Wasp sequel. This was even before Kang had made his debut in MCU and thus fans were rather excited to see how the character would appear in the MCU.


How MODOK Might Be Added Into The MCU

MODOK could make his debut in Captain America 4 because of his association with the titular character. The movie will see Sam Wilson take upon the mantle of Captain America and this would require an interesting villain to justify Sam taking up the role. AIM was established in Iron Man 3 under Aldrich Killian, where we got to see the company being a form of building an army of Extremist soldiers. There has been no confirmation whether AIM is still functional or not considering the movie was not hinted at so far except for one time in Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. It would be very interesting to see how Jim Carrey takes on the role and how it is depicted in the MCU.


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