10 Movies In Which The Reshoots Were Super Obvious

Reshoots are part and parcel of the filming industry, and many of these happen as a routine to clear any issues that may have popped up during production. But sometimes these reshoots tend to become a little too much and tend to cross certain limits. Resulting in the movies going down the drain or even completely change the obvious outcome altogether. Here is a list of movies where the reshoots were extremely painful.


Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

In the movie we witnessed Klaus Baudelaire (Liam Aiken) start opposite his on-screen costar, Emily Browning. But during the movie, we witnessed Klaus’s height fluctuate on multiple occasions. It was probably the reason for his growth factor coming into play. One such similar incident happened on the sets of Terminator 2, with Edward Furlong. But James Cameron had the crew dig up holes in the ground to make sure the height difference is not visible. All the directors’ do not share the same compassion while directing movies.


Top Gun

Movies In Which Reshoots Were Obvious
Movies In Which Reshoots Were Obvious

Kelly McGillis in the movie was supposed to have golden locks flapping around in the scenes. But because of her shooting for another movie, she had to color-dye her hair. There were attempts made in the films shooting to give Kelly a cap in an attempt o cover her long hair. But clearly, the trick did not work or wasn’t enough to keep her long furls hidden under the tiny air force cap.


The Predator

Before its theatrical release, it was published in advance regarding the multiple reshoots that the movie had undergone. But, as the movie released, no one in their wildest dreams would have imagined such massive disparities from the original trailer. The scene which started getting filmed in bright daylight, in the next scene ends up getting shot in the night. Actors are seen traversing the vast landscapes at speeds that are not humanly possible.


Beverly Hills Ninja

It is not very common for comedy movies to do a reshoot, but in case, if it does happen, it is usually done to improvise jokes that fully did not nail a particular scene. The final movie by Chris Farley, witnessed him going back to substance abuse. Once the marketing phase of the movie was over, He was worried about how the movie will do at the box office. His substance issue was visible when he returned to the shoot, as he looked a lot heavier than before. Eventually, the film tanked and Chris passed away, due to substance abuse.


The Cloverfield Paradox

The movie was an amalgamation of the original shoot which happened in space and the reshoots which happened on earth. However, this amalgamation of scenes does not follow through the movie’s plot and stands apart from the entire narrative. Making it clear that the number of reshot scenes included in the movie, was very high and not in tandem with the original narrative.


All the money in the world

Movies In Which Reshoots Were Obvious
Movies In Which Reshoots Were Obvious

The most noticeable reshoot of the story was Mark Wahlberg’s role as a CIA operative in the movie. The reshoot of some scenes happen just a few weeks before the release of the movie, and by that time Mark was already working on another project. The project was ‘Mile 22’ for which Mark had to drop nearly 30 pounds which were visible in the “All the money in the world” reshoot.


Dark Phoenix

The entire end of the last movie of the X-Men franchise witnessed an end that was a lot similar to the ending of Captain Marvel. The train scene was packed with many decent scenes, but the end of the movie was cliched with several reshoots of the narrative. Also, with the narrative of the movie changing post-shoot completion, a lot of the scenes had to be reshot and were evident in the movie.


X-Men 2

Post the official photography shoot of the second X-Men movie, Hugh Jackman’s hair grew substantially for his role as Van Helsing. The makeup crew had to work around the facial hair a bit when the director realized that he needed Hugh for a bit of a reshoot for the movie. The hair and the sideburns looked extremely funny.


Star Trek Beyond

Movies In Which Reshoots Were Obvious
Movies In Which Reshoots Were Obvious

Although the reshoots happened in a week, the reshoots started five months after the principal photography of the movie ended. And the movie was released almost 4 months after the reshoots. The Paramount production made it evident that the reshoot was to include Shohreh Aghdashloo to the cast as Commodore Paris, the commanding officer of the starbase Yorktown, which was one of the reasons for the massive excitement from the fans.


Justice League

The 2017 Justice League witnessed a reshoot of 70% of the movie. When because of family issues, Zack Snyder had to stop the shooting, Joss Whedon stepped in to complete the shoot after almost 7 months of completion of all the major shoots. Joss decided to redo all of it. The apparent decision is visible from the difference in the appearance of the actors. The most challenging one was the one with Henry Cavill’s face being morphed with CGI to hide the mustache he had grown for Mission Impossible: Fallout.


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