10 Superpowers of Captain America We Bet You Had No Idea About

Steve Rogers was a frail young man. He could never get into the army due to his weak physique. But for the love for his country was so great that he volunteered to even become a lab rat for a suicidal experiment just because of his will to serve his country. Steve Rogers became Captain America. A Super Soldier by blood and spirit, Steve Rogers helped the Allies win the war and was a founding member of the Avengers. In his many, many adventures, Steve Rogers has displayed a variety of abilities the knowledge of which has been lost to the new generation. We are here to pull the curtain on them. Presenting – 10 Superpowers of Captain America we bet you had no idea about!!!!

 1. Fatigue immunity

When the human body does strenuous work, it generates fatigue inducing toxins that slow the muscles down and cause pain to the muscles when they overwork. Captain America does not have that problem since the Super Soldier Serum in his blood makes sure he never gets tired.

 2. Healing Factor

Captain America has a heightened healing factor. Believe it or not, it takes him only days to come out of injuries like a severed spine or a broken neck. His healing factor is not as great as Deadpool or Wolverine’s but it is still a sweet little ability.

 3. Armoured costume

The Shield might have saved his ass a hell of a lot of times. But sometimes, even Vibranium cannot be enough to stop that stray bullet that breaks through your defences. To handle that problem, Shield has given Cap a specially designed armour plated costume that is bulletproof and fire resistant.

 4. Resistant to intoxication

The dude cannot get drunk. Captain America’s metabolism rate is so high that his body functions at a different level altogether. This means that no drug or chemical can actually hamper his functions. It does make him a nightmare for any interrogator. But this also has the downside of Cap never ever getting hammered.

 5. He is worthy of Mjolnir

Captain America has lifted the hammer twice in the comic books. In one instance, he lifted the hammer when no one was looking. The second time he lifted Mjolnir was during the Fear Itself storyline. He lifted Mjolnir and used it against the Serpent.

 6. He ages really slowly

Superpowers of Captain America

The Super Soldier Serum has given Cap a variety of powers. One of those abilities is suspended aging. Cap’s cells are replaced instantaneously when they are damaged, which means that he stays forever young. This is almost a curse. Every person Cap has ever loved ages and dies before his eyes as Cap looks helplessly ageless. This ability did save him when he was trapped under a glacier for 50 years though.

 7. Hypnosis resistance

Cap has the ability to be incredibly focused. This makes him resistant to brain washing and hypnosis. No matter how strong the mental block is or the technique could be, Cap can break through via sheer willpower and mental girth alone. No chemical or drug can even begin to make this guy falter.

 8. Super Intelligent

Captain America is not just a brute. He has the brains to back it up. Captain America has a photographic memory and can memorise anything he sees at first glance itself. He is also one of the world’s foremost battle strategist and a virtual super computer. This is all courtesy of the Super Soldier Serum.

 9. Super Sight

Captain America has specially developed sight. He has a normal sight and cannot see in the dark or has X-ray vision if that is what you were thinking. Cap’s sight is special because it can process information and spot anything out of the ordinary at a much faster pace than humanly possible.

 10. He is an artist

Captain America Superpowers

Had the Second World War not broken out, Steve Rogers wanted to become an artist and join one of the premier art schools in America to pursue his career. Steve never had the chance to pursue his dreams but the comics show that he is incredibly skilled at doing what he does. Steve Rogers is a soldier and an artist. He can kick your ass while drawing a master piece at the same time.

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