Marvel Villains Ranked According To The Chances of Their Return in MCU

In the Marvel comics universe, a villainous character isn’t really dead until the writer comes up with a new plot to implicate the villain in the storyline to ensure the continuity of the story. In the same way in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are multiple villains who could make a comeback into the Marvel storyline to give the narrative a new turn of events. We have already seen it happen once with Nebula in the Avengers: Endgame storyline and the same may become possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to give the story a completely different perspective. Just like the comics the writer in lieu of the Marvel storyline would keep things simple or mysterious and bring these villains back to life to wreak havoc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe again. Here is a list of villains who could make a possible comeback in the Marvel Cinematic Universe story plot.

10. Yellowjacket

Marvel Villains Return in MCU
Marvel Villains Return in MCU

In the ending chapter of the Ant-Man, we see Scott Lang shrinking himself between the molecules to gain access to Yellowjacket’s suit to put a stop to his devious schemes. Fans have theorized that just like how Scott was able to survive for almost 5 years in the quantum realm which was like a few hours for Scott. Yellowjacket may also be only tapped n the quantum realm and be devising a plan to get himself out of the quantum realm.

 9. Ronan

In the Captain America: The First Avenger movie we saw Red Skull being turned to dust and were certain that he was unable to handle the power of the Space Stone and eventually being vaporized in lieu of his greed for power. Later in the Infinity Saga that Red Skull was never destroyed, rather employed by the stones to be a guardian of some sort.

Marvel Villains Return in MCU
Marvel Villains Return in MCU

In the Guardians of Galaxy when Peter Quill and the guardians join hands to counter the power of the stone towards Ronan, a similar conclusion can be drawn, and may expect his return in the next Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel.

 8. Kaecilius

Marvel Villains Return in MCU
Marvel Villains Return in MCU

In the Doctor Strange movie, we see Kaecilius being sent to the dark universe because he wasn’t slain with any mystic weapon to spend eternity with Dormammu. Dormammu is seen surrendering to Doctor Strange towards the end of the movie as Steven binds Dormammu in a time loophole where Dormammu has to kill Dr. Strange again and again until finally promising to leave and never return to torment earth ever again.

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The chances are now that Kaecilius and Dormammu are stuck in the Dark universe, they might join hands and Dormammu might return to earth as Kaecilius to extract his revenge on Dr. Strange and the people of earth.

 7. Zola

Dark Avengers MCU

Arnim Zola the mad scientist who was red skulls researcher and the co-founder of the terrorist organization Hydra. In the Winter Solider sequel, we see Dr. Zola make a return to the silver screen by uploading his consciousness on to an extremely old, but still operational computer system. Zola fires a short-range blaster from SHEILD’s carrier launcher to try and kill Captain America and the Black Widow. In the aftermath, however, Captain and Widow survived but Zola did not seem like someone who would give us his digital consciousness just to put a stop to Captain and his plans. It is possible he transferred his consciousness to another state-of-the-art computer system.

 6. Ultron

Doctor Doom & Adam Warlock Series Disney+
Marvel Villains Return in MCU

In the Age of Ultron movie, Tony Stark had announced that not even a single bot with Ultron’s essence can be left to exist, due to the danger it may possess in the upcoming future. Towards the end we see Vision zeroing down on a single bot who was trying to make a break for it and Vision eventually destroying the supposedly last reminiscence of Ultron. But it may be highly possible that one single bot may have been kept as standby and may mark the return of the infamous bot.

 5. Erik Killmonger

Even though at the end of the movie Black Panther we see Michael B Jordan taking a fatal hit from T’challa which ends his life in the real world. It has been known forever that any king infused with the power of the heart-shaped herb juices is taken to the ancestral plane of the Wakandan Kings. Fans have theorized that it may be possible to see Killmonger make a return through this plane and challenge T’challa’s reign again.

4. Mysterio

Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory Mysterio

Mysterio is a master at creating illusions and whenever he was around or battling out with Spider-Man he always had the upper edge. Until peter was advised by his aunt to use his Spidey sense, which Aunt May lovingly use to refer to the “Peter-Tingle” that allowed peter to his spider reflexes to dodge any attack aimed directly at him.

Even though Quentin Beck aka Mysterio may have died, but the team that fueled or worked with technology that allowed Mysterio to make illusions may move on. Post-Spider-Man credits showed Vulture gathering a group of six which may include the team responsible for the success of Mysterio.

3. Hela

Hela is a force to reckon with and not to forget Thor’s elder sister, the Goddess of Death proves to be a reckoning force and in Thor’s third series we see Thor, Loki & Valkyrie backing off from fighting Hela and resurrect the Lava demon named Surtur. According to an ancient prophecy, Surtur was destined to destroy Asgard and bring an end to it during the event called Ragnarök.

The timing for summoning could not have been better, as Hela was way too powerful for Thor and no one except Surtur seemed to be a match for her. But, in the scene where we see Surtur driving his Sword of Doom into the core of Asgard, we see a flash of green light just as the sword is about to hit Hela and speculations are that she might have teleported herself just before Asgard was destroyed. So, a return of Hela in the future series of Thor maybe on the cards.

 2. Red Skull

Marvel Plans to Bring Back Red Skull in The MCU

In the Infinity Wars, Red Skull is shown as the eternal guardian of the Soul stone, and when Thanos and Hawkeye in two different instances are shown leaving with the soul stone. It’s kind of becomes evident that Red Skull has been freed from his duty of being the guardian to the soul stone and may leave the planet of Vormir to return to Earth and get back to evil ways. The return of the Red skull will cause major havoc for the Avengers because now he is imbued with the knowledge he had acquired while serving as the guardian of the soul stone.

1. Loki

Marvel Turned Loki Into a Woman
Marvel Villains Return in MCU

The God of Mischief has died multiple times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline, but for some reason has always managed to make a comeback in the Marvel story. From his falling in the black hole to him getting stabbed in Thor 2 by Kurse. The Norse god has always made a successful comeback, his last demise in Avengers: Infinity War has been under tremendous speculations. Especially after the announcement of Loki’s own television series on the Disney+ platform, the number of speculations running a mock are countless, and the majority of the kind of just again speculations = assumptions.

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