New Blade Rumor Reveals Its Timelines and Black Knight’s Role

Fans of the MCU are really excited about some of the projects that are going to come out soon. A lot of new characters will be making their debut soon and it does add a certain amount of excitement amongst the fans. But the most exciting factor has to be that we will get to see a Blade reboot with a solo movie set around the character. There’s a lot of hype regarding the project and as usual, Marvel is keeping most of these details under wraps. But following the cameo from Blade, fans are now getting some rumors and details regarding the project. Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman is also being eyed for a role in Mahershala Ali’s Blade.


Ever since it was announced that Mahershala Ali will be heading the MCU reboot for Blade, fans were excited to see how this would work into the franchise. So far, the franchise has managed to avoid major dark characters and kept it light. This has only increased the hype for the project and fans are interested in every possible detail regarding the project. There have been a lot of rumors regarding the number of appearances of the character in the upcoming projects in the franchise.


This comes after he made a surprise cameo in Eternals with the post-credits scene. Even though the movie had a divided reception from the audience, there was some surprise when the post-credits scene appeared for the movie. The general pattern of the post-credits scene was broken here as we got to see a new trend since Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Here, the mid-credits scene saw Dane Whitman going to wield the Ebony blade. But before he is about to touch it, we hear a voice from behind that says, “sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?”. Even though it has been confirmed to be the voice of Mahershala Ali’s Blade, fans are wondering what this could mean regarding both these characters.


New Blade Rumor

There have been some theories regarding Kit Harrington’s appearance in the Blade movie. Youtuber Grace Randolph gave some insight regarding this by sharing:

So yesterday, I told you Blade would be in the ’20s and ’30s, right, they would have scenes take place within that time period. Well, I got some more clarification on that, and in fact, Blade will take place within multiple time periods and the ’20s and ’30s is one of those time periods.

And there will be a storyline in the current day, and that’s where Black Knight comes in, Kit Harington’s character.


This would actually make sense based on one of the narratives from the comics where both these characters were MI13 teammates. Even though this crossover sounds exciting, the MCU hasn’t actually worked in on the details for the project in order to give us an idea regarding their connection. There is a chance that the duo might appear as a team and this will be something that will be seen in most of their appearances in the future of the franchise. Fans have come across rumors that the duo might come across their very first victim in the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight.


New Blade Rumor

It remains to be seen how Marvel works out the link between Dane Whitman’s lineage and how the duo appears in the future of the franchise. This is not the only rumor regarding Blade as there are stories about Dracula appearing in the movie with Giancarlo Esposito being eyed for the role. It would be an interesting narrative with the involvement of such big names for the project. The movie will be directed by Bassam Tariq with Delroy Lindo also on board in an unknown role.


Blade should release sometime in 2023.

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