10 Major Roles That Were Cut From Your Favorite Movies

When you watch a movie after reading the book it was based on, you often feel how a lot of content was left out from the books. The same thing can happen even without the book part that is to say that sometimes characters that were meant to be in the original script are cut out from the movie. Sometimes the cut can be so brutal that you might see the character in the trailer but it can be missing from the film.

10. Sienna Miller as Catherine Grieg in Black Mass:

Johnny Depp decided to play a gangster role for the 2015 movie ‘Black Mass’ where he portrayed the real-life gangster James Bulger. The movie earned him good reviews and Depp proved he can still play roles that are not crazy and funny. Sienna Miller was cast as Catherine Grieg who was Bulger’s girlfriend. She worked hard for the role and even studied the Boston accent extensively. Later her role was cut and all those scenes were deleted as the director felt the movie flowed better without that part.

9. Eugene Levy as Sherman Tully in Ghostbusters 2:

If you are a fan of the original Ghostbusters then you would be interested in this one. The sequel to the original series didn’t do that well in the theatres but it is still special for the fans.    A character called Sherman Tully helps get the Ghostbusters out of the psychic hospital in the third act but the whole scene was cut from the movie. The character was played by Eugene Levy of the American Pie fame.\

8. Stan Lee as a policeman in Blade:

We all know how Stan Lee likes to make little appearances in movies and has done so numerous times. Stan Lee’s Marvel cameos are a common yet awaited thing for fans but they weren’t common back in the day as he appeared in only some movies. However, in the movie ‘Blade’, Stan Lee shot a cameo playing a policeman. The scene was cut as the director thought Stan Lee looked too old to play a cop.

7. Peeves from Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone:

If you have read the Potter series you would know all about the annoying yet entertaining character of Peeves that was completely cut from the movies. You will be surprised to know that the character was actually meant to be in the films and was being played by British actor Rick Mayall. A scene was filmed with Peeves but was later cut from the film for unknown reasons.

6. Kevin Costner as Alex in the Big Chill:

The Big chill is a story of some friends who come together after many years to attend the funeral of their friend Alex. The movie earlier shot some flashback scenes with Alex alive but later those scenes were cut from the movie. Kevin Costner played the role of Alex in those scenes and is technically still there in the movie as a corpse. The movie was a big hit drama and did well at the theatres.

5. Jenna Malone as Jenet Klyburn in Batman vs Superman:

Jenna Malone is a talented actress and has been a lot of films in the past few years. She also bagged a small role in the big DC movie BVS as a scientist of S.T.A.R labs Jenet Klyburn. She was announced as one of the cast members and even shot her scenes but the whole scene was cut from the movie in post-production. Her role created a lot of anticipation as people started thinking she had played Barbara Gordon but later it was revealed she played a minor DC character.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

A lot of people don’t know that Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually a part of the third Terminator film too and his role was cut from the film later. Along with portraying the Terminator himself, Schwarzenegger also played William Candy in a scene that never made the final cut. Candy was the human counterpart of the Terminator and the inspiration of the Terminator models.

3. Chris Cooper in ‘the Ring’:

The Ring series is one of the most successful horror series where a woman comes out of a videotape and kills the viewer in cold blood. In the first film, Naomi Watts plays a reporter who stumbles across this videotape and is told those who see it die. She obviously takes a look at it and that is a mistake. In the original draft, Chris Cooper played a murderer who is given the videotape by Watts as a punishment for his crimes. The role was later cut because it seemed to be confusing and unnecessary.

2. Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson in the Amazing Spiderman 2:

The Amazing Spiderman series ended with just two films before it was rebooted. One of the main things of the movies was the romance between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy which was portrayed well seeing that the lead actors had been a real-life couple too. Another angle, however, was meant to be in the film and that was Mary Jane’s appearance. The writers had put the part as scope for future movies and Shailene Woodley played the role. Later the scenes were cut because they would have distracted the audience from the Peter-Gwen relationship.

 1. Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Avengers 2:


Tom Hiddleston has become one of the best and favorite villains of Marvel fans when he plays his character Loki on screen. The villain was so loved in the first Avengers movie that he was to be a part of the second film too. Even though it was only a cameo, fans were excited to see Loki, but unfortunately, the part was cut as the director thought it was confusing. Still, Tom is loved as Loki and will hopefully appear in future films.

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