How Moon Knight Could Set Up 3 Upcoming MCU Movies

Many Marvel fans have praised Moon Knight for being a completely standalone MCU project, with no connections or previous hints in the older movies. But what they don’t realize is that despite being separate, it might have just helped the upcoming movies in a major way. Needless to say that the writers have handled the introduction to supernatural beings like the Egyptian Gods quite subtly. And if the series goes in the way we expect it to, it might end up setting major characters of 3 upcoming MCU movies.

Disney+’s Moon Knight is the latest MCU project that features Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant’s struggle with DID. The six-episode event will show how Steven will work through the problems with his alter-egos to be a superhero. The show heavily relies on Egyptian mythology, specifically the Ennead, or the Elder Gods. Before Moon Knight, MCU was based on a scientific world, where even the Asgardians seemed like just some talented scientists. But Moon Knight introducing supernatural into the mix might have changed the MCU for the better.



Just by introducing a whole Pantheon of gods, Moon Knight has changed the MCU forever. For starters, it changes the fact that Asgardians are the smartest beings. And if there are, where have they been. And this is all Moon Knight is about. Plus, it not only introduces the audience to the Egyptian Ennead but the other divine groups too. For instance, it was high time that comics fanatics finally saw a live-action version of Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods and other brings that defy science.


With MCU moving forward in uncharted territory, setting up new characters and plots have been different. And Moon Knight might have just saved the MCU from going through the trouble to introduce to every supernatural being one by one as they go. Because just by introducing Khonshu and Ammit, Marvel might have made it easy to set up 3 future projects, namely Blade, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and especially, Thor 4. So let’s start with that.


Just by introducing the first real Gods, Marvel directly sets up Thor 4. Ever since fans started seeing MCU’s Asgardians as just really smart people, the concept of Gods has been a little complex. But Khonshu, Ammit, and the other Ennead’s existence confirms that Gods are very much real. Plus, this confirms Zeus’ potential Easter Egg in NWH. This needed to be done before fans saw Gorr because his existence further confirms the existence of many gods across the timeline. This might have been a lot to take if Moon Knight hadn’t already introduced the gods in the MCU. I am starting to doubt if Moon Knight is as far from the bigger narrative as we initially thought.



Upcoming MCU movies

When Marvel announced that after the unfortunate demise of Chadwick Boseman, the MCU will no longer feature Black Panther, it raised a lot of questions. Especially, since we can’t get more Black Panthers, thanks to Erik Killmonger. So, it might be the perfect time for the Great Bast to revisit Earth and reintroduce the Black Panthers. If you didn’t know this before, Bast, or more clearly, Bastet, is an Egyptian God who appeared to a tribal chief, Bashenga, and blessed him to consume the heart-shaped herb.


Yes, many theories might suggest that Shuri will work out a way to recreate the herb but now that we finally have Gods, does she have to? Plus, now that we have seen that Gods have the ability to choose their Avatars who will carry out their work, things have changed. There is a theory going on that suggests Black Panthers were the Avatars of the Great Bast. And now that they are gone, she might return to Earth to find a new one. Again, without Moon Knight, Marvel would have created a lot of plot holes to make Black Panther 2 work.



As for Blade, Moon Knight’s introduction to gods might have made the movie a lot more interesting. ‘Blade’ is going to feature the titular character hunting vampires but where do they come from? Every vampire movie or series or book has its origin. And so does Marvel. In the comics, an Egyptian god, Sekhmet, was banished from Heliopolis to Earth to punish corrupted humans. But the plan of the Gods derailed when Sekhmet developed a taste for human blood. And thus, becoming the first vampire. Plus, now they can feature other vampires as former Avatars of the God. And they could easily explain the secret to their immortality with a little sliver of Sekhmet’s power in their body. What makes this theory not too far of a reach is the fact that Sekhmet has already been name-teased in Captain America: Civil War. So, featuring Sekhmet in a physical form is not hard at this point.


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