Here’s How Superman Came Back From The Dead In Justice League

Last we saw Superman, he took down the mighty Doomsday sacrificing himself as Doomsday also ended up killing him in the final act of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. But, we all knew that he was coming back from the dead in Justice League and the last moment of BVS where we saw the dust particles rising was a big hint. This wasn’t a secret at all as there is no Justice League without Superman. The big question was always that how it was going to happen. Henry Cavill was missing from the marketing and everything as they wanted to keep this reveal big, and rightly so, they did end up managing that.

Considering Superman was weakened by Kryptonite in the climax of BVS before he was brutally stabbed through the chest by Doomsday’s bony spike, it was clear that he didn’t merely go unconscious or pass into a deep coma. He was legitimately dead just like in the comics.

When we finally got to see the Justice League movie in the theatres, this question about the resurrection of Man of Steel was answered in a grand fashion. Before the movie came out, there were rumors and theories circling around that Steppenwolf is going to be the one to bring him back, and Superman was going to turn bad for a while.

Then after the movie came out, it was revealed that this was in fact shot by Zack Snyder, but it was altered by Joss Whedon during the reshoots of the movie.

Well, even though this might have been epic as well, what we got in the movie was even better. After his death in the comics, Superman is revived by being placed in a Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix and comes out in a black suit sporting a mullet, leaving fans to speculate whether or not that something similar would happen in Justice League as well.

This was a great assumption as the Kryptonian scout ship seems to have all the equipment needed to perform a similar process (including the fabrication of a new suit), and even though the scout ship was used in the movie, it turned out to be entirely different from the comics.

As Zod was already revived in BVS by Lex Luthor’s blood, the deformity that came into existence was Doomsday and this was the biggest concern of the League members when they figured out that a resurrection was possible. There was a big argument within the League concerning this matter, Aquaman says that even if he’s successfully brought back, he might not have his soul.

This reminds us of the time when Bruce himself said that if there is even a 1% chance that Superman is their enemy, they have to take it as an absolute certainty. But, as they all needed their biggest gun in order to take down Steppenwolf and the Parademon army, they all went through with it after Bruce himself repeatedly supporting the motion.

What he did not reveal to everyone was that he had a contingency if it all went wrong. After Diana explains that the Mother Boxes don’t contain power, they actually “are power,” Bruce comes to the conclusion that the cells in Superman’s body could be revived considering that’s what happened with Cyborg as well. The Mother Box has enough energy to terraform a planet, but Superman might be stronger than a planet, and his cells won’t decay, so Bruce suggested that they place Kal in the conducive amniotic fluid of the Kryptonian Scout Ship’s genesis chamber, the power from the mother box could take care of the rest.

After robbing Clark’s grave and taking the body to the scout ship, Cyborg plugs in and learns that Lex’s creation of Doomsday depleted the ship’s energy supply and that is where Barry stepped in. He said that he could surely generate the charge of energy required to activate the box by using the Speed Force.


Using the length of the ship to get up enough speed, the Flash runs to generate electricity, transferring the energy into the Mother Box at the precise moment it hits the fluid. This quickly revives Kal, but he seems to be missing memories or is simply experiencing some sort of post-resurrection rage.

Then a big fight takes place as Superman attacks the league specifically targets Batman. The Caped Crusader says that “the world needs Superman” to which the Man of Steel responds “but does it need you? Tell me, do you bleed?” which was one of the biggest moments of the movie. Then, Batman asks Alfred to bring in the big gun, his contingency plan, Lois Lane who helps Clark remember everything and Superman fully comes back!

So how did you guys find this when you saw it in the theatres? Tell us in the comments.

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