The Ending of What If Episode 4 Explained: How Did the Universe End??

Marvel is not holding back any chances with the What If…?. As we progress through the episodes we can clearly see that the stories that we are going to explore are going to be vast. While some episodes were fun and explored a lighter theme. Others went absolutely wild with the concept of the show. The last two episodes can be a proper example of how far imagination could run when taken into consideration the underlying principle of the show. In episode 4, we saw Doctor Strange destroying an alternate universe after becoming absolutely obsessed with changing the timeline. This was one of the most essential stories considering it must have crossed everyone’s mind about what would have happened if Doctor Strange used the Time Stone for selfish purposes. Let’s take a deeper dive into the ending of What If Episode 4 which leads to the collapse of the entire reality.

What If…?

The first three episodes of the Disney Plus show, What If…? dealt with some important changes in the Sacred Timeline. These seemed to be interesting choices for possible storylines. The first episode dealt with Peggy Carter becoming Captain Carter, a rendition of Captain America. T’Challa becoming Star-Lord was the primary plot of the second episode but we got to see a lot more than that. The third episode was a look at a reality we can’t believe as almost all the Avengers are killed off before their recruitment in the team. These are all versions of the original MCU timeline we have wondered about time and again.


The fourth episode of the show took things to such a new level that even The Watcher had to almost involve himself. This episode was able to give us an entirely different perspective about power. We also got to see Doctor Strange in a completely different light as we dive into his mind and his capabilities. Almost all of the episode is a high possibility given Strange in our original MCU timeline went through a similar circumstance.


Inside The Episode

The Nexus event in this episode might have been Strange asking Christine Palmer to go with him for picking up his recognition. The moment that triggers Strange to learn the mystic arts is the very moment he loses Christine in the car accident which was very similar to the accident in the movie. Strange learns the mystic arts and saves the world from the wrath of Dormammu. But the idea of losing her Christine still remains a burden upon him. Exactly two years after that moment he decides to use the time stone to realize the possibility of her surviving the accident.


But Strange fails to do so and he still ends up losing Christine in every possible path that he follows. After numerous attempts, The Ancient One arrives and tells him that this is an “absolute point in time.” She tries to stop him from trying to change this because this very moment is what leads him to become the Sorcerer Supreme and if otherwise, the entire world’s fate could be at stake.


Supreme Strange

Strange plans that he would do whatever he could to make sure that he could change this reality. He learns that absorbing the strength of various mystical creatures could come in handy and he does accordingly. He becomes powerful enough to do as he wills with time and utilizing it to save Christine. But the very powers that he gains also end up tearing the very fabric of his reality apart.


The End Of The Universe

As we could see the universe had already started to collapse before the battle between the two Doctor Strange’s takes place. The damage starts taking place the very moment the Supreme Strange starts to meddle with the mystic arts so much. The core idea behind this is that the entire universe is built upon some absolute points. These are the events in time that act as a skeleton to the timeline and they cannot be altered. Alteration in these very points leads to the collapse of the universe as we could see by the end of the episode. But as the trailer of What If…? showed us, Strange Supreme is supposed to meet Captain Carter. He is still alive, and he’ll return!


Now we know the levels to which Doctor Strange could go to change something for something entirely personal. This also makes us think about the events of No Way Home. Considering we even got to see a version of Strange in the episode that was almost close to Mephisto and at times even resembling him. We can hardly think of the absolute mayhem the upcoming Spider-Man and Doctor Strange movies can cause to the timeline.

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