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    15 Signs Which Will Tell You That A Girl Is ”Single”

    In this new generation, it is really tough to know what other person is like? And in the case of loving someone, it is much harder to get what you exactly want. It is literally difficult to know whether a girl is ”single” or not and because of this situation boys hesitate to approach them. So guys here’re some tips…

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  • Beautyeye-makeup-e-2

    All About Eyes: Eye Products and How to Use Them

    Hello world, in this article I will be talking about eye makeup. I will tell you about different eye makeup products that you need if your life and easy ways to apply them. If you are reading this article it means you want to learn about makeup. Well never fret, when I am here. I being a professional makeup artist…

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  • Newslight-foundation-concepts

    The Concepts of FOUNDATION

    People always ask me, what is the difference between a foundation, concealer, pancake, etc? So, all those who are still confused let me clear it up for you. Foundation is the product that can be applied on the face as well as the body to give the appearance of a smooth and flawless looking skin. It is colored to match the…

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  • NewsEasy Nail Art Tricks

    5 Easy Nail Art Tricks

    Nail art is very common these days among young girls. But many girls find it difficult to make their nails look as pretty as the ones they see in the magazines. With the use of some simple techniques and tools one can easily beautify her nails:   Glitters: Glitter nail paints are easily available these days in the market. You…

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  • MoviesChick Flicks

    5 Chick Flicks that Kept it Real

    Chick flicks are movies that deal largely with romance and relationships. We are all guilty of watching the typical chick flick wherein the guy and girl follow the pattern of hate-admiration-love. Although chick flicks are comforting and re-instill (read: cleverly distort) our belief in true love, one does ponder, is real life always like that? Here are a few chick…

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  • NewsHair Makeover

    Bad Hair Day Makeover for Girls

    All of us have had a bad hair day once in their life. I know I have had many bad hair days. Summer and monsoon are two seasons when I just want to chop off all of my hair as I get so irritated by it. We girls just want to look good and we leave no stone unturned in…

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  • Newsaccessories

    4 Types of Accessories that are a Must for Girls to have These Days!

    Trends are changing rapidly these days. People are leaning more towards the funky and edgy look. Girls prefer spiky and chunky bags, jewellery, footwear, etc. Girls today wear what they feel. They feel confident and want to make a mark; they will wear big, bold and chunky accessories. If they feel like it is a simple day, they will wear…

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  • NewsRaksha Bandhan Gifts

    5 Gifts to Give to Your Sister this Raksha Bandhan

    Valentine’s day, Raksha bandhan & birthdays. Days like these gets the guys thinking about what gifts should be given to the girls. But the good thing about us girls is that there are a number of things that makes us happy. Put your heart into your shopping and don’t think about the cost. Just think about your sister’s happiness. Hope…

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  • NewsMust Have Shoes for Girls

    5 Famous Must Have Shoes for Girls from the Famous Indian States

    There are a handful of things that drive women crazy. By this men would be wondering, what’s there to drive them, they are already crazy… Hold on folks… All over the world, women share this common adrenaline rush. Three words are the key to her heart, I love you… Naah!!! The magical words- shoes, bags & SALE, bring endless joy…

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    The Top 4 Body Shop Products that Every Girl Must Own!

    We all love Body Shop. Its products are made up of natural ingredients, which are derived and ordered from all over the world. To own a Body Shop product is like finding goodness of all parts of the world packed in a bottle. These products are easily available at store (generally malls) or online. They cost a lot hence often…

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