5 Reasons Why We Feel Bad for Tyrion Lannister!

Tyrion Lannister is more eloquent than any of the other Lannisters. He lives royalty, walks with grace, talks of perspicuous truths backed with insanely logical perspectives. He doesn’t need an armor or a sword to mark his presence, his mighty words are his weapons to attack and defend. And if he picks up a real sword, Lannisters are sure to win. But as we all know, the irony of Game of Thrones will not let a man be known for his good deeds, you have to kill and spill to get in the game!

Let us cherish some ironies this awesome character has lived to be what he is!

Blamed for everything 

Tyrion-Lannister-badAlthough he may be innocent but he is blamed for everything. He is blamed and captured by Catelyn Stark for trying to kill Bran. He is blamed for the death of his mother and son by his sister.

Never given enough credit 

Tyrion-Lannister-badTyrion is always mistreated and never given the credit. As the hand of king Tyrion does his level best to win the battle of Blackwater and also succeeds. But what does the war give him? Battle wound plus no acknowledgment.

Unwanted child


He is always unwanted by his father. He is loathed by his sister. His sister, Cersei blames Tyrion for everything. His daughter leaving home, her son’s death, her mother’s death and the list goes on. She tries everything possible to plan and plot against him.

He loves and loses


Whenever Tyrion has fallen in love either it was taken away from him or he has been betrayed as in the case of Shae. His marriage to Sansa Stark was also a settlement and a plan. There was neither love nor spark.

Always left alone

Tyrion-Lannister-badNobody is ready to vouch for him when he says he has not killed Joffrey Baratheon. With his family never taking his side, with exception to his brother. And having a death warrant under his name he leaves to meet Daenerys Targaryen who also flees with her dragon at the time of attack. In the end as always he is left alone. Et tu Daenerys?


Tyrion Lannister is one character which always defies your judgment skills. The moment you think he is good, he is going to kill a good man, and the moment you think he was bad to do it, he would turn out to be the savior of the people and the hero of the war!


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