Top Ten Songs by Jonas Brothers

Millions of teenagers were left heart broken when Jonas Brothers broke up. Although they will still remain brothers forever but it is very hard to say if they will be producing any more music together. The reason why teenagers are crazy about Jonas Brothers is that their songs speak of phases of life that ever teenager passes through.

I have a made a list of the top ten songs by Jonas Brothers by taking the opinion of many of their crazy and obsessive fans. If I miss onto something please do not kill me.

So here are the top ten songs by Jonas Brothers:


When You Look Me In The Eyes


Album: Jonas Brothers

This song is really different. Words, music and event the video is amazing. It has even helped the Jonas Brothers gain a lot of fame. It was appreciated all over the world.


Fly with me


Album: Lines, Vines and Trying Times

This song talks about the fairy tale love which everyone dreams about. The piano played is to die for. The beats and the lyrics are amazing. There are very few songs which talk about being apart and still have positive warmth associated to it. This is exactly what you should listen to when you are away from the one or ones you love.

The lyrics “We’ll chase the stars to lose our shadow,
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine,
So won’t you fly with me” take you back in time where you believed fairytales are true.

Youtube Video

Burnin’ Up


Album: A Little Bit Longer

This funky pop song will make you want to groove. There is also a rap part which is by none other than their body guard!



Album: A Little Bit Longer

This song takes you back in time. Even the video seems is very vintage. This is actually the sweetest song sung in the sweetest voice. This song reminds you of your first crush or love.


Little Bit Longer


Album: A Little Bit Longer

The third album shares the name with the song. This is not a love song rather it is an inspirational song by Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas in a way is discussing his problem about diabetes. It is a really touching song and inspires you to stay strong.


L.A. Baby


Album: Jonas L.A.

This song was released for the Jonas L.A. series. This song has amazing beats and the vocal coordination is also great.


Jonas Brothers 3000

Album: It’s About Time

This song was originally sung by Busted. It has a really funky tune and is very energetic. It is totally different from rest of the Jonas songs. The video is funny and lively. It takes a dive into the future!


What I go to school for


Album: It’s About Time

Again a Busted song which they sung as good as Busted

Can’t have you


Album: A Little Bit Longer

This song is actually very painful. The tone is high during the chorus still it manages to convey its message.


Hold on


Album: Jonas Brothers

The song starts from the first note itself. And the video is very windy!

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