WandaVision: Scarlet Witch’s New Costume Has A Touching Vision Connection

WandaVision established Wanda as the Scarlet Witch. The show prominently focused on Wanda’s grief. Throughout her life, WandaVision dwelled in her miseries. Wanda was forced to say goodbye to the love of her life yet again. We have seen how Wanda and Vision never tend to stay together. But their relationship is beautiful. For Vision, Wanda unleashed her powers and took an entire town hostage. She even recreated Vision. But Wanda is not letting Vision go so easily.

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Scarlet Witch's New Costume Connection with Vision

Wanda’s costume showed how much of an impact Vision made on her life. The moment of evolution introduced a new costume, including a crown headpiece, boots, a gown, and gloves. As pointed out by a fan (via Reddit), the outfit also held an emotional tribute to Vision with her costume’s neckline design.  At the center of Scarlet Witch’s neckline was a cutout in the shape of the Mind Stone embedded in Vision’s forehead. The Mind Stone kept him alive until Thanos ripped it from the synthezoid’s body, causing his tragic death. When recreating Vision in Westview, Wanda made sure to keep this aspect of her love intact, as it became synonymous with the character.

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Scarlet Witch's New Costume Connection with Vision

With this precise detail, Wanda proved she would be keeping his memory alive while coming to terms with the fact the Vision she fell in love with was gone. Throughout Wanda’s arc up until WandaVision, the character was given outfits clearly inspired by Scarlet Witch’s comics get-up. As time went on, the costume evolved, but certain aspects were notably muted or left out altogether. Wanda’s Halloween costume in episode 6 was the closest Scarlet Witch came to her comic-accurate costume. But the finale finally revealed her true costume.

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The Scarlet Witch has arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Mind Stone shape within the Scarlet Witch’s costume was also significant based on its connection to both Vision and Wanda. While the Infinity Stone was Vision’s power source, the same object unlocked Wanda’s latent powers when she was experimented on by HYDRA. Hence, the connection between Wanda and Vision goes without saying.

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Scarlet Witch's New Costume Connection with Vision

Though the WandaVision reveals retconned Scarlet Witch’s origins in the MCU, it makes the Mind Stone’s link to Wanda even stronger considering a piece of it lives inside of her. The costume will remain a tribute to Vision while reminding Wanda how the Mind Stone affected her life. Wanda and Vision are connected via the Mind Stone. Maybe in the future projects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we will get to see the true significance of the Mind Stone when it comes to Wanda and Vision.

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