Avengers Infinity War – New Clip Shows How The Guardians And Thor Meet In Space

A new video clip of Avengers Infinity War has surfaced which helps explain the first meeting between Thor the God of Thunder and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Avengers Infinity War is directed by the Russo Brothers – Anthony and Joe Russo and is the culmination of everything Marvel Studios and Disney Entertainment has been working for for 10 years. The highlight of the movie will be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes aka the Avengers banding together with the rest of the MCU superheroes to fight Thanos and his Black Order. They intend to stop Thanos from assembling the Infinity Gauntlet by collecting all the six Infinity Stones, thus granting him the power to conquer creation itself. The Russo Brothers promise that the movie will have some sort of shared narrative and detailed connection with the rest of the MCU movies released as of now. The next Avengers movie after Infinity War, titled Avengers 4, will also be a grand affair and will take a similar route as the 22 movie franchise that started on 2008 will be capped of next year.

It is only a matter of time until Avengers Infinity War hits the theaters and fans will be treat their eyes and soul to a cinematic and cultural phenomenon. It is less than five weeks now. Pre Ticket sales are already breaking the ceiling in sales as we speak. The Minute Marvel rolled out the tickets for Infinity War; it was only a matter of hours before they broke multiple records. Estimates for Infinity War look extremely bright. Box Office Predictions for Infinity War show the movie will break all records previously set up by the other MCU movies. In terms of earnings via opening weekend alone, Infinity War is estimated to have a target of 215 Million USD during the first three days alone. That is a huge amount. Infinity War will earn in just three days what entire movies take their entire lifetime to achieve. Unfortunately, until Infinity War arrives, the grueling wait will have to be satiated by the fans via these online clips alone.

Twitter User Candice S. West was merciful enough to share this short but hilarious clip of Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time. The Video was shown at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards. The video is an extended version of a video shown in the D-23 Expo Last Year. The Video is essentially about the Guardians meeting the newly crowned King of Asgard. The Video starts with Thor crashing into the Milano’s (the flagship of the Guardians) and being taken into the Ship’s med bay. The scene is reportedly Robert Downey Jr’s favorite scene in the entire movie. The conversations that take place include interactions between the Guardians and Drax’s as usual Clueless AF yet funny dialogue exchanges.

The Guardians didn’t start out as the strongest knit of teams when they first debuted in GOTG Vol. 1. They were a band of misfits that wanted to do something good for the sake of doing something good. GOTG Vol. 1 saw them save an entire planet from being annihilated. GOTG Vol. 2 saw them save the entire universe. They have come a long way from being a band of bickering space pirates with an attitude. They are now truly a team. On the other hand, the Avengers are split amongst themselves. Team Iron Man and Team Cap have different ideologies and they show no signs of reconciliation. The Guardians might finally be the key to solving that problem by showing them actual teamwork and how far Earth’s mightiest heroes have gone into the cosmos.

Avengers Infinity War

It is crystal clear that Infinity War will be a serious affair. Thanos will be rolling off a lot of heads this time. So the heroes need to take matters with extreme caution and prejudice. Star-Lord is anything but that. His comedic relief is the highlight of the GOTG movies. His statements and dialogs are so baffling that it even takes the naturally sarcastic Tony Stark by surprise as seen in the trailer. Peter Quill will be able to make the fans laugh. Apart from saving the world, that is his second most important job. But let’s not hope Quill’s humor kills the dark tone of the movie itself. Here’s to hoping everything pans out perfectly.

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