17 Star Wars Episode 9 Fan Theories That Have High Chances of Coming True!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi were definitive milestone moments in the epic Star Wars saga. Disney has really helped Lucas Film up the ante. Space western science fiction fantasy genre has garnered a huge audience and after the release of the first movies in The Last Jedi trilogy, the universe has accumulated an even larger fan base. And this fan base is eager to know what happens next in the last and final installment of the trilogy. Presenting – 17 Star Wars Episode 9 fan theories that have high chances of coming true!

 1. Rey will build a double bladed light-saber

The theory is that Rey is more accustomed to using her staff in combat than the traditional sword. She is not good with bladed weapons but is better with a melee, no lethal staff-based weaponry. What if Rey could inculcate her old and new fighting styles to produce a double bladed light saber-staff. A weapon like that already exists in the Star Wars Universe so it would not be much of a surprise.

 2. The Clone Troopers will replace the Storm Troopers

The Storm Troopers are elite First Order forces that consist of volunteer soldiers who decide to join the ranks of the various armed forces of the Order and to serve the Emperor. The Clone Troopers of the old days were genetically enhanced super soldiers that served the Empire. Rumour is that Kylo Ren will soon order the Storm Troopers to be replaced by a Clone Army.

 3. Leia is dying

Princess Leia Organa is the General of the Resistance. After Kylo Ren blasts her into the vacuum of space, Leia manages to tap into the force and get her body back to safety. But as it turns out, being exposed to the raw forces of outer space has taken a toll on her body and she is slowly and steadily reaching her final stages.

 4. C-3PO and R2-D2 will have crucial roles

In Episode 9, C-3PO and R2-D2, the iconic droid duo, will have larger roles with pivotal tasks to help the resistance stop the Order. They have been present throughout the Star Wars movies and have garnered valuable information that the Resistance could use against their enemies.

 5. Hux will become the main villain

If you thought it is just Kylo Ren that the Resistance needs to worry about, we urge you to think again. General Hux might not look much, but inside is a scheming villain that is looking for the perfect moment to strike. Rumour has it that Hux will initiate a coup that will oust Kylo from the Throne and restore the Order’s reins in the hands of Hux.

 6. Lando and L3 will reunite

L3 was one of the saving graces of the Solo A Star Wars movie. She died an early and untimely death, with her data core being fused with that of the Millennium Falcon. News reports state that Lando Calrissian will be coming back to the Star Wars franchise. If he does and he gets aboard the Falcon, L3 and Lando will have a heartfelt reunion.

 7. Yoda’s Force Ghost will return

The warm reception Yoda got when he returned in The Last Jedi as a force ghost has led others to theorize that he might return again. Yoda has already acknowledged Rey’s capabilities and her abilities with the Force. What happens when Yoda decides to appear in front of Rey? We will have to wait to see if it happens in the first place.

 8. Rey and Kylo will bring back balance to the Universe

Every light needs a shadow and every shadow needs a light. The Dark Side exists within the Force because the Light Side does. One cannot make do without the other. So it is not about the Sith or the Jedi winning. It is about both sides finally achieving equilibrium. Both Kylo and Rey are neither Jedi nor Sith. They are something in between. Their ambiguity when it comes to their force alignments will one day help them bring back order to the galaxy and beyond.

 9. Leia will be buried in Naboo

Naboo is the home planet of Padme Amidala, wife of Darth Vader and mother to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. IF Leia is indeed killed off as a character, then her funeral will probably take place in the planet she truly belongs to. In more ways than one, that would bring the Skywalker saga to full circle.

 10. The Millennium Falcon will be destroyed

The Millennium Falcon is an iconic piece of Star Wars. In many ways, it is the face of the Star Wars franchise. Over the years, almost every major character pivotal to the central plotline has flown in it. But with The Last Jedi trilogy bringing an end to many iconic Star Wars figures, the Falcon’s fate is sealed as well. Although if the spaceship is indeed being planned to be made to bite the dust, it will be an ending that is fit for a spaceship of such legendary caliber.

 11. Enter Mustafar

Mustafar is the planet that is the personal stronghold of the most dreaded Sith in the Galaxy – Darth Vader. Or at least it used to be during the prime of his time. Vader chose the planet not just because it had a strategic location but also because the planet had a strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force. Kylo loves everything that is connected to his grandfather and a trip to his iconic fortress in Episode 9 is highly likely.

 12. Snoke’s “other apprentice” will return to avenge his master

When Kylo Ren killed Snoke, it sent shockwaves throughout the Galaxy. The most powerful person of the Galaxy was dead and Kylo Ren had to take over. The Star Wars Insider Magazine once claimed that Snoke had two apprentices – one was Kylo Ren while the other one was still not there in the movie franchise. With the death of his master, this other apprentice will come back to either kill Kylo ren by siding with the Resistance or become an enemy for both Rey and Kylo Ren, starting of a whole new plot device in the last and final installment to The Last Jedi trilogy.

 13. Darth Vader will return

Well not exactly as himself!! Anakin Skywalker shares a lot of similarities with the situation Kylo Ren is in right now. Both are power hungry and have a conflict going on between their light and dark side. Kylo idolizes Vader and the latter coming to him as a Force Ghost to tell his grandson the error of his ways will make for a fascinating plot element.

 14. Carrie Fisher’s daughter

Many do not know but Carrie Fisher’s daughter was also a part of The Last Jedi movie. Billie Lourd was there then and she will be here now. The Episode 9 will show us an expanded a larger role for the daughter of the Princess turned General.

 15. Lando Calrissian’s Memoirs

Solo A Star Wars Story revealed to us Lando Calrissian and his habit of recording everything he encountered in a suave memoir. That habit of his will be frequently interrupted with one or another thing coming up and him having to deal with it. Lando, after so many years, will still be working on his memoirs and it will be fun to listen to at least some of them.

 16. Leia’s death will bring Kylo back to the oath of Salvation

Kylo killing Han Solo did not help the former redeem his own self. In fact, it was what drove him further into the Dark Side. While he has killed his father, he is also rumoured to be the one who is going to kill his own mother. It will be Leia’s death that will finally bring redemption to the doors of Kylo’s life.

 17. There will be no New Republic after the Order is defeated

When the First Order is dealt with and the good guys hoist the flags of victory after the battle is over, there has to be some form of government installed to maintain order. When the Empire crumbled, the New Republic restored order in the Galaxy. But this time, there will be no such galactic government model installed. Instead, the planets will rule themselves as they see fit, a vision that Leia shared with her political allies called the Populists.

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