Here’s A List Of 2017 Horror Films You Can’t Afford To Miss

Nothing pumps the heart racing like a racehorse than a good old jump scare when you least expect it. Horror is a genre that appeals to every emotional maniac out there. Heartbroken? Watch horror. Happy? Watch horror. Sad and Depressed? Watch horror. Nervous? Watch horror. Got nothing else to do? Watch Horror. So Here’s A List Of 2017 Horror Films You Can’t Afford To Miss.

10. XX

 XX is not one big horror movie. Its four different stories cramped up into one big production. But do not let the anthology genre fool you into thinking it is dud when it comes to the scary part. Each story is helmed by a different female director. While the scares may vary with each vignette depending on your choices for horror movies, the movie manages to mix humor, horror and the feminine touch to give a unique experience.

9. It Comes at Night

If you want jump scares then I recommend you steer clear of this one.  But if you want a story heavy deep thrill horror that depends more on its pacing and character to scare you rather than the generic sound and light effects like everyone else does, do give it a try. It Comes at Night is a dystopian treat to watch and a cinematic masterpiece.

8. Tragedy Girls

It is not everyone that can pull of the horror/comedy. Scream is the only one that really pulled it off in 1996. But Tragedy Girls can be a close second. The movie is about how Social media popularity can get into the heads of millennials and how comedy and horror can work hand in hand and still deliver a movie scarier than most.

7. Happy Death Day

 Happy Death Day is Groundhog Day, if the latter was about serial killers on love instead of the love drama. The movie is based on a plot that makes the protagonists relive the same 24 hours to catch the killer that keeps eluding them somehow. Happy Death Day could have benefited immensely from an R-Rating. But it still managed to achieve stardom with just a PG-13.

6. Raw

Raw is not a horror movie. There I said it!! So why is it on this list? Because I still get nightmares about it. The blood and gore kind of movies always had a tendency to make the audience uncomfortable and hence, unwatchable. Raw’s cannibal horror genre massively succeeds where others failed miserably.

5. The Devil’s Candy

The Devil’s Candy focuses on a family that moves into a new home as bad things start to happen. Now, where have I heard that before? The father is a struggling artist that starts to have psychedelic demonic visions he then translates into art. But the Amityville Horror-esque storyline is not for the faint-hearted. The movie has explicitly violent scenes that could jump you in the middle of the night with the residual nightmares.

4. Gerald’s Game

Stephen King strikes again. And this time he uses Netflix to conquer heart and minds. His novel’s adaptations have conquered the Box Office as of yet in 2017. Gerald’s Game might have skipped your radar but it’s just as fun as the rest. When a husband handcuffs the wife to try and spice up their sex life, the Husband suddenly dies and leaves the wife hanging. Adventure follows. Watch out for the last 10 minutes (Alone… if you have the balls).

3. Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation has been one of the most successful movies of 2017. The movie just goes to show what a fantastic horror movie can be made out of a wooden doll, a house on a hill and a bunch of screaming girls. Part of the movie’s success goes to David F. Sandberg’s ability to scare the shit out of the audience without resorting to jump scare tactics, a technique he perfected in Lights Out.

2. Get Out

One of the sleeper hits of 2017, Get Out rightfully deserves a place on this list. You may have heard of the psychological horror. Get Out is that and much more. The movie is of the socio-psychological horror genre. It is an experiment gone wrong. And we still can’t get enough of it. When racial anxiety gets the better of a family trying to meet their African-American son in law for the first time, things take a turn for the worse.

 1. IT


By far the greatest Stephen King adaptation of the 21st Century, IT is a movie that will keep you awake at night and afraid of red balloons for the rest of your life. When an extra-dimensional entity takes the form of your worst fears to eat you alive, how can a bunch of junior high students from nowhere hope to defeat him?!?! IT is a story of how a magnificent cast and a stellar performance from the movie’s big bad can literally make the movie a cultural phenomenon. IT has already received a cult-classic level fan following.

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