5 Most Overrated Marvel Superheroes

Superheroes are loved by fans for many reasons. They might be cool because of since how long they have existed or because of how good they are marketed or because how awesome they truly are, but sometimes the love of the fans brings in an over exaggeration to the superheroes and they become unnecessarily overrated. Here are the most overrated Marvel superheroes of all time:


Yeah, the dude is a great archer. What more? Nothing. Exactly, that’s the point. Hawkeye is a great archer but nothing more, if it were not for his trick arrows developed by Stark industries, he would be nothing more. Not just that, where there are heroes like Thor and Hulk, does he really deserve to be on a team like the Avengers? Debatable. Ollie isn’t on this list because he’s nowhere that glorified, and is also a deeper character.


Dude has practically everything. He is almost immortal, has a satchel that has infinite weapons, now even has a sword that can kill Gods. Where does it stop, man? Even without all this, we’d love the guy for all his antics, but he’s really been overpowered.


Okay, the dude has adamantium claws and is unbreakable, but still, there are enough ways to kill Wolverine. Not just about killing him, but more so his popularity has been grown due to Hugh Jackman’s presence, the character has been shown in every X-Men film for no reason.

Captain America

Dude was nothing without the serum. Yeah, sure he had the values and everything but so do many other men. He is not so much that he’s made out to be. And now that he’s a fascist and can lift Thor’s hammer. Bit of a stretch Marvel.

Iron Man

marvel superheroes

Stan Lee created Iron Man as a character who in real life everyone would hate, but will love the comics. Exactly, Tony is a real asshole. Sure he has genius level intellect, but so does every other person in the comics these days, not just that without his suit, he’s just another rich capitalist.

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