Marvel Comics Update – Wolverine’s Son Becomes The New Venom!!!!

Wolverine has….been around. He has fathered a lot of children all across not just the universe but even across different realities as well.  His son from another universe called the Ultimates Universe has found his way to the mainstream Marvel continuity and he has just gained a new set of abilities in addition to his ancestral animalistic powers and the signature healing factor that Logan passed on to him.  Presenting Marvel Comics Update – Wolverine’s Son becomes the new Venom!!!!

Jimmy Hudson Junior is the son of Logan aka the Wolverine from the Ultimates Universe. After the Secret Wars event destroyed that reality, Jimmy was left stranded on this universe. The Venomized event soon brought in a new aspect and a fresher storyline for Mr. Hudson, who has found himself merged with a new version of the Venom Symbiote. The Venom Symbiote typically enhances the skills and abilities of its host. And Jimmy’s are already super enhanced courtesy of him being a descendant of Wolverine. The result is a Venom empowered, super enhanced clawed maniac that, it loses control, could wreak absolute havoc and chaos all the way through and could cause a busload of damage.

After the Death of Wolverine storyline a few years ago, Jimmy Hudson was naturally considered the successor to the mantle of the Wolverine. But with him getting merged with the Venom symbiote and the final look he has got after becoming its host has put his alignment to the good side in question. Will he become a villain now? Considering the fact that the symbiote that has merged with Jimmy is far more sinister and volatile than a typical symbiote is supposed to be, could it be that Jimmy will finally give away to the animalistic rage that his father fought all his life to control and stop it from taking over his mind? The Marvel Universe is in deep, deep trouble.

Jimmy Hudson only recently joined the Mainstream Marvel continuity. He took on the role of his father when Logan was presumed dead. Jimmy would be a part of an X-Men team that was fairly reminiscent of the classic mutant superhero team a long time ago. But after the events of X-Men; Blue, Jimmy has landed on troubled waters. He could finally become the one thing his father fought all his life to stop himself from turning into – an animal.

To get a clearer picture, let s dive back a bit into the comic book history of Jimmy Hudson and the Symbiote attached to his body. The symbiote that is a part of Hudson now hails from a race of beings called the ‘Poisons’. The Poisons are much like the symbiotes but they are far more intelligent and veil. They work in groups and in the Venomized miniseries, they planned to invade the world and take control of all the heroes and villains. When the time was right, a hive mind would activate and the Poisons would consume their hosts, making them more powerful. Their plan was foiled by Jean Grey, who wiped out their entire population using her psychic powers. All except one perished. The one attached to Jimmy Hudson survived.

This is where it gets interesting. When Jean used her psychic abilities to lash out at the Poison hive mind, it took a serious toll on Jimmy Hudson’s mind. The symbiote somehow managed to survive but it activated Jimmy’s long-suppressed memories of pain and suffering and replaced them with its own bloody history of slain worlds. The result was an unstoppable beast that only knew the pain and how to inflict in on others.

Wolverine Venom

In X-Men: Blue #29, the X-Men track down Jimmy. He now identifies himself as Poison. And he has no recollection of his past memories. Jimmy is still in control, but his grasp of his own psyche is weakening. Daken, Wolverine’s other son, believes Jimmy is beyond saving now and the only way to release him from his pain is by killing him. Will Jimmy be saved by the blade or the bowl? Let us hope it the latter and not the former.

Jimmy Hudson, we hope you bounce back!!!

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