Here’s The Stunning Connection Between The MCU And X-Men Universe

The multiverse theory is something that the comic writers love to continuously take advantage of. It is quite easy and appalling funny how gullible our fans are when they choose to invest in characters that are just else world versions of our favorite superheroes. They are mere mirror images who chose to reflect what they please, they were never the object of our appreciation but we treat them as such. The multiple worlds interpretation of the universe Mike’s for some compelling theories and even more compelling story arcs for the comic writers. We have seen the comic book writers use the multiverse theory time an again and I will no kid the entire premise seems compelling and engaging when properly used in a story. It also gives writers more creative freedom than an alternate reality theory ever would.

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Barring the idea of multiverses, the Russos have already discredited the alternate realities theory and I stand by that. But this post is not about multiple realities or alternate dimensions. We know that Disney has placed a bid of $71.3 billion on the assets of Fox and most of it is for those coveted movie rights. The entertainment company is seeking to co-join the superhero worlds that have existed for so long as separate continuities on the silver screen for almost 20 years. We are about to witness the grand culmination of these universes as real-world events’ consequences spill into fiction.

And on this grand moment of victory for all Marvel Cinematic Universe fans (victory because there is a high chance that all of the Marvel characters owned by Fox will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe) let me share with you some astonishing details that will convince you that the world that the X-Men and the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters live in are pretty much the same.

Let’s start with the evidence that needs to be showcased and be warned people anyone who has not watched AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. season 5 please be aware for spoilers. Recently we saw the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. end up in a desolate future where agent Coulson and the other agents try to save the humans from an earth that is ruled by the kree and humans are treated as slaves. Alright, arguably this is just a desolate future where the entirety of the civilization has been overturned by an alien race and now the protagonists must save the day.

But we have no clue where this desolate future of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. stems from. It is heavily hinted that the entire world is either destroyed by Graviton who is the ultimate villain of the series (we don’t know who that will be since the show is now renewed for a sixth season) or these are implications of Thanos’ world (universe ?)ending snap.

But I have a completely new perspective on things here and hear me out. We are yet to see how the X-Men reality meets its end with the onset of Dark Pheonix saga but there are rumors online that make a compelling case for one of the most interesting cross-franchise connections we might have ever witnessed. You see there are rumors trending online that reveal a strange but very compelling connection between the two universes and arguably this connection only exists because of the prediction made by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and all of that happens in MCU tv shows rarely affects the movies. But the fans making this argument need to remember that we saw Thanos end half the universe and we don’t know the climax of phase 3.


But here’s the thing, the desolate future we saw in AOS season 5? It’s not because of the snap, no sir, that’s going to be resolved in Avengers 4. The snap will be reversed and we will see all the heroes come back together as the next generation takes over for the old Avengers. The desolate and dystopian future that we see at the Advent of AOS season 5 is most likely a product of the current timeline of the X-Men and the subsequent events that will occur in the Dark Pheonix saga.

Connection Between The MCU And X-Men

Those events will most likely coincide with what occurs in Avengers 4 and this is where the realities overall. We might get to see the flashes of the dystopian land that the AOS promises but the heroes are most likely to save the day. With the onset of phase 4, it’ll be a joint force of both the Avengers and the current iteration of the X-Men that rally to the cause.

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