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Only A True X-Men Fan Can Answer All These Questions Right!

X-Men is a fictional superhero team of mutants based on the characters from Marvel Comics whose rights are currently with Fox Studios. The X-Men franchise is among the most successful franchises in the Hollywood grossing over $5 Billion currently. The franchise became an instant hit since its first movie which came in early 2000’s.

The franchise made Hugh Jackman a megastar and he was just amazing in portraying the character of Wolverine on screen. Apart from him, actors like Ryan Reynolds, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin etc also became really popular.

The fans always wanted to see all the Marvel characters under one roof and with Disney buying the Fox Studios, their dream will finally become a reality. With the rights of every X-Men character, the scope for more and better Marvel movies with proper utilization of comic book plots will finally be there in the near future. Apart from the movies, we will also get Disney streaming service that will include amazing superhero stuff that we always wished for.

But before that happens, let’s see how much you know about the X-Men franchise and your favorite mutants. Take this Quiz and find out how well you know and don’t forget to challenge your friends. 

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