Fox Disney Merger: 10 Comics That Would Make Epic Storylines

EXCELSIOR!!! We have arrived in holy territory fellow nerds. Although the Fox and Disney merger is far from settled, Disney has already acquired most of Fox for the amount of $50billion. This means, more than anything else that the characters currents been missing all along will take their place in the Marvel movie continuity.

Not only will we meet a new Wolverine, we may also have on our hands a brand new X-men team. But what does this mean for the current X-men, you ask? The answer is two words. ‘Multiverse Theory’.

The great Stephen Hawking introduced us to the beautiful realm of multiple universes, parallel universes, alternate timelines and alternate selves. This is your answer! You go,  not only a new team of X-men but also keep the current one!! Impossible, you say. Then answer me this, why does the Fox movie franchise keep growing? All the pieces fall into place, do you see now, the characters are not going away they are coming home. Well here are 10 comic storylines that would make epic movies if MCU finally acquires all the characters from Fox.

In this list, I’ve made a point-include not only storylines that would make great future movies but I’ll add a little bonus for fans to show you how some storylines could have been way better if Marvel had all the characters from the get-go.

Deadpool Kills The Marvel universe

Perhaps one of the craziest storylines on this list. Nay, perhaps one of the craziest storylines to ever come out of Marvel Comics. Do you love Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool? Do you love 4th wall breaks? Would you still love all that if you saw Ryan Reynolds driving a sword through Logan? If yes, then you’re a better man than I. The story starts with Deadpool realizing the futility of his existence. See, in the comics, Deadpool has always known that he is a comic character, that has been the characters longest running trope, but this time he takes the entire thing a bit too far. As we see our beloved loud-mouthed assassin turn into a sociopathic monster, he slays through universe after universe in beautifully drawn comic panels.

Cutting down the Avengers over and over, transforming into a high functioning sociopath, or perhaps just revealing his true nature. The character persona of Deadpool, in this trifecta of beautiful comics, is reminiscent of an Injustice Joker. You know, the one evil Superman killed? Anyhow, pick up these comics and be sure to read the tie-ins because the story is much more fleshed out and there is an Easter egg ending, but don’t let that stop you from reading.


Doctor Octopus took over Octopus16’s Spiderman’s body not long ago in the Marvel comic continuity. He then disappeared and re-appeared in the timeline. This story reveals where Doc Oc Spiderman went and how the collected Spiderman(and women too) dough against a multiverse ending threat. Doc OC spiderman travels to a number of worlds and leads a rebellion on creatures of the dark. The art a is amazing and the story delves into the dark realm more than once. Multiverse and temporal storylines mean some beautifully drawn death scenes me a lot of classic bait and switch by Marvel.

Introducing a spiderman who the kept the cosmic powers of Captain Universe and then slaughtering this all-powerful being by showing a new villain. The story reeks rebellion and strategy. Sometimes tropes may not be as funny as the creators wanted them to me and sometimes the payoffs are less than satisfactory, but this a is a brilliant storyline, and to see Tom Holland and Fox’s Andrew Garfield face-off might be intriguing. If ever made into a movie this storyline would have a massive scale and something we all want to see, especially if there’s a possibility of seeing a Gwen Stacy aka Silk Spider Emma Stone iteration of the MCU.

Secret Wars (1984)

One of the more cosmic themed storylines of the Marvel comic continuity. The secret wars was a major event in the MCU that showcased many famous events, most notably Peter Parker finding and wearing the black suit for the very first time. Later it would be revealed that the suit that granted Peter enhanced capabilities was actually a symbiote who later bonded with Eddie Brock to create the spider man villain Venom. The storyline takes place in a completely different realm known as the Battleworld ruled by a cosmic entity known as the Beyonder. The Beyonder has been observing the Marvel universe for a long time and has an interest in what we humans call ‘Superheroes’. This interest ultimately culminates as the Beyonder kidnaps the heroes from our universe and pits them against each other in Battleworld, which also happens to be littered with abundant alien technology and weaponry. What we get is an average comic storyline with great potential but lousy execution. And yet secret wars storyline has always been held dear by fans.

Old Man Logan

Although some fans will argue that this particular storyline has already been played out in Fox’s Logan, they are forgetting that even though we got to see an old Wolverine in ‘Logan’ the old man storyline is not complete without an old Hulk. Multiple universes mean more than one iteration of a character and that may imply that we may yet receive a silver screen version of ‘Old Man Logan’.

To see MCU’s Wolverine travel across a desolate dystopian future along with Hawkeye may be a dream come true. But a man can wish. And so wish we shall. If ever made into a movie the action sequences between The Hulk gang and an old Logan would be an absolute delight to watch. Blatant fanservice, but these fans want to serve. Oh please, Marvel gives us the Old Man Logan movie that we deserve.

Secret Wars (2015)

What’s so interesting about the Old Man Logan storyline is that (*spoiler alert*) even though we assume that the comic is set in the main Marvel continuity’s future, it is actually set in an alternate timeline with an alternate cast of characters. In addition to that, even this universe is transported to Battleworld in the 2015 iteration of the secret wars. The Beyonder’s power was absorbed by Dr. Doom and with the help of Stephen Strange, he recreates the Battleword to save the multiverse from falling apart. Stuck in this realm are our Marvel heroes aboard a ship constructed by Reed Richards for a world-ending catastrophe.

The storyline covers various characters going on adventures to identify the world their in and try to reset the multiverse to its original settings. Franklin Richards also plays a major role in the entire storyline, in the end, he is the one to create new worlds that the main Marvel continuity operates in today. Franklin Richards is the son of Sue Storm and Reed Richards. He is just as powerful as an omega level mutant and may even surpass the capabilities of the infinity gauntlet with respect to reality warping powers. Regardless, the entire storyline may make for some dark and serious MCU movies.


Annihilation is a major comic event of 2005 that threw Marvel headfirst into their first major comic storyline. In an effort to expand his empire, Annihilus, an all-powerful cosmic being decide to lead an army from the negative zone to the positive matter zone. The result is an all-out war for survival and the future of the Marvel universe. The entire story revolves around the annihilation wave, an army from the negative zone hell-bent on conquering the positive matter zone and the repercussions of such an incursion on the Marvel universe. We see the fight broken into bits and pieces, with Thanos leading one small battalion to combat the threat so does the Nova Corps on Ca Dar. The story has a lot of layers and the tie-ins ensure that the consequences arefar-reachingg and all-pervasive. A storyline worthy of being brought into the mainline comic universe. The story may become even more intriguing and might be more beneficial to produce considering that MCU finally has its team of X-Men back.

Dark Phoenix Saga

Now admittedly this is where the Fox franchise is heading. But we will have to wait and see how much the directors stay true to their source material. The original dark Phoenix saga of the 80s was perhaps the greatest time for X-men comic. It not only created a standard to which all future X-men comics are upheld to it also showcased how good a comic should be. The storyline establishes Jean grey as a true Phoenix and involves payoffs for long-running foreshadowing events in preceding comics. The story is stretched from the original integration of the Phoenix force with Jean Grey to the moment when a clone of a Jean is slaughtered in front of Cyclops on the moon, with a knee weapon. Dark Phoenix saga has not stood the test of time as retcons and revisions to the story essentially render the events of this story arc meaningless. Regardless, it is a great mini-series in it’s of. So read it just like that, a literal story. Because it is highly likely that is how the movie will be produced, with. No lasting stakes.

Next Avengers

Set in an alternate universe where Ultron has defeated the Avengers we are introduced to a group of extraordinary children. These children are the next generation of Earth’s mightiest heroes, including Thor’s daughter wielding a legendary Asgardian weapon and Captain America’s son wielding a laser shield. The children are being kept in a secret facility managed by Tony Stark, a defeated ghost of a hero he once was. Tony trains these children with the hope that one day they will be strong enough to take on the threat that is out there because God knows there is no one else left to fight Ultron. The story has a deliberately slow pace and introduces us to the reality of defeat. It shows us what would happen if the bad guys ever won. It’s downright morbid at times and to see the children fight cyborg versions of their parents was gut-wrenching to read.This story is also set in an alternate universe.

Secret Empire ( Nazi Captain America)

Who can forget this iconic image from Marvel’s Captain America #1 from a couple of years ago. The fact that Steve Rogers turned on shield and then uttered the words considered blasphemous by Captain America fans (HAIL HYDRA!) was both shocking and enraging. This image threw the Marvel company into a slew of hatred and generated a plethora of negative reviews for the Comic arc that put Hydra and the Allied nations at odds.

Considering that Steve Rogers was revealed to be the secret leader of Hydra all along made the fans question the existence of the long-standing conflict between the two parties and the fact that if any of this is true that why has Steve Rogers fought so hard to halt Hydra’s plan over the years. Regardless, watching agents of shield play out as it has over the years, this comic storyline is one Marvel can choose to incorporate in the MCU if they’re ready for the blowback from fans. Whatever the case may be, the allure of Chris Evans in a Hydra costume is not lost on fans.


Before the advent of the contemporary era comics. The media used to be placed on adult themes and before the spike in over sensitivity and intolerance, comic writers liked delving into dark topics. One of the characters from this oh so forgotten era is the Broods. Broods are a race of vampire-like creatures that possess sharp claws and fangs and look like demons moving in the night.


The above image of Wolverine as a Brood remains one of the most disturbing panels in comic history. If the Marvel family is finally reunited MCU should consider bringing back the broods to put at odds with the X-men. Honestly, we’ve already seen too much Xavier vs Magneto, give us something new  Marvel.

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