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20 Interesting Things You Never Knew About Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has given his life for the role of Wolverine. He is revered for his masterfully crafted performances as the clawed mutant in X-Men movies and independent Wolverine trilogy. It is difficult to imagine anyone else filling in his shoes, now that he is gone. Here’s a collection of facts from his life you may not know:

Motion Capture!

Worked As a Birthday Clown!

Wasn’t Familiar With SNL!

He Once Was At WWE Match!


Suffered From Skin Cancer!

Wears Contacts!

He Loves George Clooney!

He Turned Down The Role Of The British Spy!

Wanted To Become A Journalist!

So Sweet!

Brutal Nutrition Plan!

Very First Role!

Huge Fan of Sushi!

Fan of The Friday The 13th Film Series!

Hugh Jackman

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