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20 Things Every Potterhead Must Know About Gellert Grindelwald

Gellert Grindelwald is stated to be one of the most deadly and dangerous dark wizards of all time. The second installment of the movie Fantastic Beasts is based on the crimes he has done. Let’s check out more about him, his magical abilities, about the character and many more:

A Younger Gellert!

Blue Eyed!

Undercut Hairstyle!

Master Race!

Wizarding Version of Adolf Hitler!

Sole Imprisonment!

Grindelwald’s Sexuality!

Imprisoned in Nurmengard!

Historical Significance!

He Addresses Voldemort with His True Name!

First Durmstrand Student Introduced in Canon!

Wizarding World Franchise!

The Elder Wand!

Grindelwald’s Original Wand!

Extremely Talented And Skilled!

Intellectual Powers!

Dark Arts!

Extremely Skilled in Charms!

Healing Charms!

Incredibly Accomplished Occulumens!

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