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20 Amazing Things To Know About Erik Killmonger’s Golden Jaguar Suit

Erik Killmonger is the supervillain in the upcoming most awaited Black Panther movie. Golden Jaguar suit is the suit made of Vibranium which is used by Killmonger. Check out more about the awesome features of his suit:

Golden Jaguar Habit!

Similar Designs!

Vibranium Suit!

Gold and Silver Markings!

Spikes and Energy Blaster!

The Jaguar!

Advanced and Sophisticated Technology!

Prominent Feature of The Suit!

Kinetic Energy Pulse!

Amazing Feature!

Killmonger’s Mask!

Killmonger’s Suits Have Boots!

Power From The Herbs!

Synthetic Version of The Herbs!

Spikes on the Suit!

Extremely Powerful!

Energy Blaster!

Comics Vs Movie Expectations!

Golden Jaguar Suit

Ninja Assassin!

Kimoyo Beads!

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