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20 Interesting Things You Never Knew About Man of Steel, Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill landed on a role to play Superman in DCEU.  He surprised everyone in Man of Steel movie and now he is widely accepted as the Man of Steel. Check out the amazing facts about the actor that you should know:

Refused To Take Steroids!

His Shirtless Scene!

A Tasty Reward!

Hairy Superman!

Huge Fan of Rugby!

Henry Could’ve Been Edward Cullen!

The Tudors!

Most Unluckiest Man in Hollywood!

He Was Almost The New James Bond!

British Military!

Connection With Harry Potter Movies!

Fifty Shades of Grey!

Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fun!

Single-Player Video Games!

The Auditions!

Devoted To Protect Wildlife!

He Was in a Horror Film!

Dunhill Fragrance!

World’s Sexiest Man!

His Favorite Actors!

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