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20 Shocking Truths About Pokemon That Will Surprise You

Pokemon is a worldwide famous franchise that fans adore. From a fantastic video game to the legendary anime, it made a quite big place in people’s heart. but there are things which we never understood, and always demanded the reason for it. So here we bring you some shocking secrets about the franchise that will blow your mind:

Clefairy To Be The Lead!

Stereotypical Characters!

Banned In Saudi Arabia!

Major Scholarship!

Hypno Kidnapped Children!


Possible to Breed!

The Breeding!

Koffing and Weezing!

Professor Oak!

Universally Banned!

Removed Episodes!

The Controversy!

People Eat Pokemon!

Doduo Can Fly!

Failed Mew Clone!


Capturing Mew!

They Were Human!


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