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20 Mind-Boggling Things You Never Knew About The Wasp

The Wasp is a fictional Marvel comic book character prominently portrayed by the actress Evangeline Lilly. As the Trailer for Ant-Man and The Wasp is out, we get to see some awesome powers that the Wasp has and here’re  some of the facts about her that everyone should know:

Founding Member of The Avengers!

The Wasp

Quantum Realm!

Plans Were Scrapped!

Superhuman Strength And The Durability!

Artificial Insect-Like Wings!

Superhuman Strength!

Bio-Electric Blasts!

The Tittle!

Extra-Dimensional Source!

Talented Fashion Designer!

Costumes and Mission!


Hand-To-Hand Combat!

Strong Leadership Quality!

The Recruitment of Captain America!

No Secret Identity!

A Socialite!

Pym’s Mental Instability!

The Wasp

Relationship With Ultron!

Historical Storyline!

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