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20 Insane Transformers Franchise Facts That Will Blow Your Senses

Transformers is a popular sci-fi action franchise which started off great but somewhere it lost its way in the sequels. Here’re some of the mind-blowing facts that you should know:

G.I. Joe And Transformers!

Film Adaptation!

Star Trek References!

Re-using a Shot!

Never Fully Explained!

The Reason For The Sudden Injury!

Critics are Surprising!

127 Fresh Ratings!

The Absence of Megan Fox!

An Extra was Seriously Injured!

Permanent Brain Damage!

Star Trek Fan!

The Reference!

Product Placement!

Lawsuit Filed Against Paramount!

Lowest Grossing Film Franchise!

Skewed Drastically!

Just Getting Started!


Shared Universes!

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