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20 Things You Should Know About Superman Which Make Him The Strongest One

Superman is a son of Krypton. He is the strongest and most powerful superhero in the DC comics. Here’re mind blowing facts of Man of Steel that will make you worship him like a god:

God-Like Super Abilities!

Yellow Sun!

Super Healing Power!

Single-Handedly Can Wipe Out The Entire Human Race!

Easily Overpowered Steppenwolf!

Tremendous Strength Level!

Limitless Power!

Superman Never Gets Tired!

Recovering Power!

Tremendous Hypersonic Speeds!

Has Super Speed!

He Can Easily Catch a Kryptonite Gas Grenade!

Virtually Indestructible!

Heal at Incredible Rates!

He Can Fly Via Manipulations!

He Can Survive Without Oxygen!

Superhuman Eyesight!

Ability To Focus His Vision!

He Can Focus His Vision Past Layers of Matter!

Ability to Emit Thick Beams of Intense Heat!


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