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20 Things You Should Know About New Avengers Facility

New Avengers Facility is the primary base for the Avengers. This was set up after defeating Ultron. After the Civil War Tony Stark decided to live there, by making it his primary base of residence. Check out more about the facility:

Primary Base of The Avengers!

Tony Stark’s Primary Place!

Stark Industries Warehouse!

Signal Decoy!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents!

Stark Equipment!

Iron Man And Hawkeye!

New Avengers Program!

Warehouse Owned By Howard Stark!

Facility’s Motion Detectors!

Lagos Catastrophe!

Implications of The Sokovia!

Winter Soldier Hunt!

Wanda Attack!

Helmut Zemo!

Avengers Civil War!

Stark Helped Rhodes!

Battle At The Hydra!

Peter Parker, The Official Member of Avengers!

Actual Set!

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