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20 Mind Boggling Things You Never Knew About Batmobile

The Batmobile is a super-functioning car that is used by DC’s one of the major comic character Batman. It has been modified various time with improvised technologies. Check out more about it:

The First Cover Appearance!

Old Fashioned Version!


The Design!

Burton-Era Version!

The Flying Fox!

Red 1936 Cord!

The Original Concept!

Short-Wave Transmitter!

Radio Band or Frequency Locator!

Non-Lethal Weaponry!

The First Roadster!

True Batmobile!

1960’s Batmobile!

1970’s Batmobile!

1980’s Batmobile!

1990’s Batmobile!

2000’s Batmobile!


2010’s Batmobile!

Modern Version!

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