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15 Mind-Boggling Things You Should Know About Black Widow

Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of loveable heroes now, but there is one character that we have loved throughout her time in the MCU, right when she first appeared in Iron Man 2. Black Widow is one of the most epic heroes of the MCU and is a kick-ass assassin and a great spy. We all love the character just because Scarlett Johansson has done such a remarkable job with the character. Here’re some of the most amazing facts about her that every fan should know:

Most Talented Spy!

Dangerous Secret Agent!

Seducing Powers!

One of the Best Fighters in the World!

No one can take her Down!

Fantastic Superhero!

Skilled in Art of Assassination!

Accurate Marksman!

Black Widow is Multilingual!

Quickly Process Multiple Information!

Reverse Interrogation!

Hell of a Hacker!

Black Widow is a Skilled Pilot!

Peak Senses!

Strong Willed Woman!

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