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20 Facts About Superman And Batman That Make Them A Compatible Tag Team

Superman and Batman are the two greatest superheroes ever created in the comic-book universe. Here’re some powerful comic-book facts which reveal that they are more compatible than any other duo:

Unstoppable Determination and Strength of Will!

Superman Possesses Abilities Deemed God-Like!

Keenest Analytical Minds On The Planet!

He Can Fly At Tremendous Hypersonic Speeds!

Batman is An Expert Marksman!

He Never Gets Tired!! Cool!

An Expert on All Melee Weaponry!

Virtually Incalculable Level of Strength!

Well Trained in Multiple Martial Arts!

Incredibly Strong!

His Exercise Routine!

He Easily Overpowered the New God Steppenwolf!

He Represents the Pinnacle of Human Physical Prowess!

Capable of Single-Handedly Wiping Out The Entire Human Race!

Peak Human Perfection!

Instant Healing Power!

Adept at Interrogation Techniques!

Ohk Jaadooo!!

Ability To Instill Fear in Others!

He Could Resist The Pull of a Phantom Zone Singularity!

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