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20 Shocking Secrets You Must Know About The Planet of The Apes Franchise

The Planets of The Apes franchise is an American Sci-Fi movie which became an overnight sensation. The movie is based on a novel by Pierre Boulle. Check out some of the amazing truths about the franchise that will blow your mind:

The Ending!

Ending Secret!

Man Running Around The City!

Oddly Enough!


The Jigsaw Puzzle!

Great Villain!


The Novel Vs Film!

Futuristic Society!

False Makeup Budget!

Good PR!

Twilight Zone!

Difficult Makeup!

Crazy Prankster!

Charlton was Horribly Sick!

Rebooted Series!

Motion Capture Technology!

Crazy Cliffhanger!

Oscars and Nominations!

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