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20 Mind-Blowing Things You Never Knew About Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir

Thor and his hammer go hand in hand. Mjolnir is the God of Thunder’s chosen and only weapon in Combat. He has vanquished monsters, aliens and a robot killing machines with that thing. Many won’t know the Hammer Mjolnir is much more than just swinging and smashing:

Worthy Captain America!

Mjolnir lifting Powers!

Heart of a Dying Star!

Its Power Has No Equal!

Physical Weapon!

Immensely Powerful!

Not Entirely Infinite!

It Grants The Ability To Control Base Element of a Storm!

Odin Banishes Thor!

The Sacrifice!

Obeys Thor’s Command!

Mystically Enhanced Algrim!

Hurling Mjolnir!

Project Blasts!

Powerful Beam of Golden Light!

The Crusher!

A Tool As Well As A Weapon!


Thor: Ragnarok!

Omega Class Weapon!

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