Avengers 4 – This Insane Theory Involves Iron Man’s New Thanos Buster Armor

There is still time in the next Avengers movie, but after seeing the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, we can’t seem to wait for Avengers 4 at all. Infinity War was full of fan-pleasing and really surprising scenes, but the cliffhanger given to us at the end has actually hyped us even more because Avengers 4 is going to be even bigger in all aspects. It is going to involve even more characters, a bigger plot and many more scenes that are going to be really appealing to the eyes.

Infinity War had some big moments involved. The movie was full of moments that turned the theatre into a freakin’ stadium. For 10 years fans have invested themselves into these characters and now every punch they give, every line they deliver, every quip they make & every quip hit take turns into a loud synchronized reaction at the theatres. Marvel movies are not just movies anymore, they have turned into big festivals which now come thrice a year and will start to happen four times.

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From Cap’s entrance to Thor’s entrance to Doctor Strange’s battle against Thanos to Tony’s heart-breaking stab, every scene brought out emotions out of everyone. Thor’s entry in Wakanda was possibly the best scene of the movie but the fans were really hyped before the film just to see the insane new Armour of Iron Man. There were theories that suggested that Iron Man’s new armour will have some really insane tech involved, as it will now sit inside the new Arc Reactor that was seen in the set photos, and the trailers, and when needed, the suit will form around his body. Then the film came out and we saw the epic way in which Tony put his new suit on for the first time on the big screen and we all went nuts.

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The suit had tech that was beyond our imagination, and all that was possible with the NanoTech which was introduced in Black Panther. But still, even this suit was not enough to stand against Thanos! So, where will Tony go from here? This armor was the most advanced suit we have ever seen. How can Tony top this? We may think that Tony has peaked and there is no new suit with even more updates and advancements in store for us. But this new theory suggests that this is not true at all.

Tony Stark is a mad scientist. He is the mechanic cursed with knowledge. In every movie we have seen Iron Man, he has come up with a new and better suit, and Avengers 4 would not be any different. Since Tony knows the threat that the universe is facing, he will be ready for Thanos this time, and we will actually see a “Thanos Buster” armor.

Avengers: Age of Ultron introduced a Hulkbuster armor, and we saw the second version of that in Infinity War as well, but now it is time for Thanos Buster. Many people on the net have talked about the fact that some details from CineEurope suggested that a Thanos Buster armor is in play. Even though the footage was shown at CineEurope only had Kevin Feige talking about Avengers 4, there is still a possibility that this may happen.

Avengers 4 – This Insane Theory Involves Iron Man New Thanos Buster Armor

According to the theory, the Avengers would not go to get another Gauntlet Forged from Eitri, instead, Tony will now build a suit that will be able to harness the powers of the Infinity Stones. As great as it sounds in theory, this will actually need quite a bit of explanation. The Question that arises here is that how will Tony get the tech to make a suit like that. That would actually be pure magic. But the only hero who may actually be capable of doing this and also deserves to sit in a suit like this is Tony Stark.

This will make Tony a big gun, and his power levels may actually exceed the likes of Thor and even Captain Marvel. If this happens then the final battle will be truly epic and it will be the perfects end-off for Tony Stark. So, let’s see what the writers and directors of Avengers 4 have in store for us. Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019. 

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