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Captain Marvel Vs Thor: Here’s Why The God of Thunder Will Lose!

Death Battle: Captain Marvel Vs Thor

Have you ever felt the ground tremble under your feet? Ever felt like the sky was going to fall? Ever experienced a true sense of scale. Have you ever been confronted by the realization that beings more powerful than human beings exist in this universe? Not only that have you ever contemplated, while sitting in the comfort of your own home, the consequences of a battle between such beings of immense power. It is unfathomable for minds such as ourself to speculate on such matters, but we at quirkybyte are slaves to our fandom and we will do everything in our power to present you with the most accurate battle analysis.

The only problem is that the contenders this time around are massively overpowered beings whose strengths and feats have no limit. The God of Thunder Thor vs Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers is a fight that we may yet witness in the Marvel cinematic universe but what is the consensus. What does the source material infer about a battle between the most powerful avenger and the Norse God of Thunder? Let’s see what the analysis presents, and don’t be surprised if the answer is not what you expected.


The Comic verses are notorious for taking inspiration from the pages of history, one specific lore that the writers like to delve into are the Norse and the Greece Mythos. The comic writers especially like to take up the Norse and Greek heroes and Gods and portray them as believable pseudo immortal beings that had contact with an ancient human civilization. Anything that we cannot understand by the level of our current science we, as the human civilization, term magic. If I presented a smartphone to a man from the 1800s I would probably be hailed either as the last prophet or be executed as a witch and burned at the stake. It is not that these beings are especially advanced it’s just that they operate on a realm beyond the common understanding.

This is the logic that the Marvel comics present to us individuals and that we have seen this logic be employed continuously throughout the THOR movies. Although the Thor movies are considered to be absolutely the weakest ones in the Marvel cinematic universe but they do present some rather definitive origin story for the character himself or rather the Marvel cinematic universe iteration of Thor.

The Norse God of Thunder in the Norse mythos is considered to be the bane of giants and the ultimate ruler of thunderstorms and electricity. The name Thor means Thunder in the ancient Norse tongue. It was the name that scared Vikings in their tracks when they went out to sea and left on their journey. Such is the vast expanse of this Norse lore and such is their power. The Norse Gods, especially Thor has this massive strength that has neither equal nor a rival in all of the Marvel multiverse.

The God makes use of this strength, his might is well known and his aura is that of one worthy to be the king of Gods. Although the Asgardians in the Marvel comicverse are said to be advanced beings who derive their power from science and not magic but their science is so advanced from our realm of understanding that we deem it sorcery.

Captain Marvel

Born Carol Danvers, the maiden who will one day be hailed as the most powerful avenger was initially no different than you or me.  When first introduced into the Marvel comic verse, the heroine had an obscure past but an already successful life. Carol was a war veteran and an accomplished agent of the CIA, she was proficient at both hand to hand combat, tactics, deceit, espionage, and was a fairly accomplished fighter pilot. Carol Danvers was then enlisted by the United States government to function as the head of NASA, yes, THE NASA.

While working there she came across another distinguished individual by the name of Dr. Phil Lawson. Unbeknownst to Carol Dr. Lawson was a shape-shifting alien from a race of aliens known as the Skrulls. Dr. Lawson’s original name was Mar-vell and this was the man who would come to be known as Captain Marvel for the first time in the Marvel comic verse.

When the secret life of Lawson came into the limelight it was Carol Danvers who became the Skrull’s primary confidant and comforter in hard times. Naturally, both the individuals developed feelings for each other and a romance blossomed. However, it was not to be. Because shortly after the couple found love, Carol was kidnapped by another Skrull so that she could be used as leverage against Mar-vell himself. The resulting struggle ended up fuelling the events which led to a radiation filled blast and in turn led to Carol absorbing bulk of Mar-Vell’s powers because he was the one who shielded Carol with his own body. The final result was a perfect fusion of Skrull and human DNA inside Carol transforming her into the overpowered superhero would come to be known as Ms. Marvel.

Carol operated under this name for quite a bit , trying her best to do the right thing. The accident granted her with enhanced speed , flight (up to Mach 6), superhuman strength, energy manipulation and absorption, and a certain degree of pre-cognition. These badass powers coupled with the lady’s attitude ( which was hugely popular with comic fans) led to the creation of the strongest avenger. It was, however, only after the death of Mar-vell himself that Carol took up the mantle of Captain Marvel along with donning a new suit modelled after that of Mar-vell himself.

Before we start the battle we need to establish certain prerequisites that will determine the rules of the battle. It is only natural that we put some criteria on this battle since there is every chance that it will get out of hand and quickly. The mere mention of these two beings has villains shaking in their boots and running for the hills. The might of thor and the power of Carol Danvers is well known throughout the universe. They scare people and villains have to account for their massive strength when devising any kind of strategy that opposes the ideology that the Avengers seek to defend. Let’s see, we know that both of see characters are warriors and not just in the honorary sense.

Both Carol Danvers and Odinson have been trained in the art of war. Although their education was very different ( taking into consideration that Danvers was trained by the US Military and Odinson by an ancient master of arms of Asgard in an oversight of the all-father Odin himself) . Both combatants are also armed to the teeth and brim to the brink with both cosmic and magical energy ( considering carol’s energy manipulation and King Thor’s Thorforce not to mention his control and autonomy over the power of Thunder and electricity).

So how do we decide a winner? Well, in my opinion, both warriors can and will fight with lethal force but we should consider complete pacification or incapacitation as a criterion for a win.


We see the heroes come face to face and the battle starts, Odinson leaps at the enemy in front of him who seems to be woman clad in some sort of battle suit. He doesn’t know why such a woman would go against the might of the Avengers but she must now be neutralized. As Mjolnir comes down it catches nothing but air. What in the name of ODIN? She’s no longer here. It’s amazing how fast this female warrior is. Before Thor can gather his wits an ouch catches him in the jaw and sends him flying. Carol Danvers lowers her smoking arm and charges up an energy beam by gathering ambient energy. She has heard about this creature, apparently he’s a god from legend , well today we find out if Gods bleed. Danvers shoots out a massive energy pulse for Thor’s flying body that explodes on impact.

This goes on for a moment, the parties keep squabbling and keep on hitting each other with consecutively stronger blasts one after another. It’s a massacre, it’s a power struggle above all.

Neither party is ready to give a quarter to their opponent and they face each other and match each other blow for blow continuously and relentlessly. The earth shakes and the skies rumble as two goliaths clash on this planet.

Captain Marvel Vs Thor

Thunder strikes down Danvers and leaves her body limp for a second. Captain Marvel gets up and dusts off with a vengeance. She starts gathering energy, all the ambient energy, she sucks at the electricity. Thor gauges these and calls on all his might as the God of Thunder.

Unrelenting, Captain Marvel continues to amass resources for an attack and something snaps. Moments later we see binary standing over Thor’s unconscious body.

Carol Danvers wins.

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