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Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel: Here’s Why Carol Danvers Would Win!

Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel: Who is Stronger?

Marvel and DC fans have their own favorites that they want to pit against the rivals. The two most powerful female superheroes in Marvel & DC camps are Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman. Both of them are first among equals, but their origin stories couldn’t be more different.

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel was an airforce pilot who met with a major accident that led to her DNA getting mixed with an alien which gave her super-strength. She is famous for being a female superhero who aggressively fight for equal pay for women. On a power level, she is equivalent to Vision or Scarlet Witch, popularly known as Wonder Woman of Marvel universe.

Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel
Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel

Kevin Feige (the head of Marvel Studios) said in an interview that Captain Marvel will be the “most powerful” superhero in the Marvel universe. It will be played by Brie Larson and there is also a possibility that she will replace Captain America and assume a leadership role in Phase 4 of MCU.

Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of Themyscira, an Amazonian goddess and a founding member of “The Justice League”. Unlike Carol Danvers, she was bestowed upon super-powers by the Greek gods in a particular Aphrodite who are the creators of Amazons. Since then she has mentally channeled her abilities and strengths to become a powerful being in DC universe.

What will happen if these two female giants are pitted against each other? Probably, it’s impossible to predict but let’s see what they bring to the table. Wonder Woman is stronger than Superman, she once lifted Thor’s hammer and she is gifted with Athena (power of wisdom). On the other hand, Captain Marvel can fly and hit enormous speeds, possess photon blasts that destroyed Iron Man armor and she can regenerate quickly from injuries.

Captain Marvel Binary

Captain Marvel doesn’t have any inbuilt weaknesses except for the fact that she is impulsive, reckless and loses control. Wonder Woman has a weakness when it comes to piercing weapons (which Captain Marvel can use) and turning her lasso against her which is next to impossible but has been done before. Hence, Captain Marvel does have a slight edge over Wonder Woman.

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