7 Most Popular Superhero Rivalries of All Time

Superhero and their rivalries are the sole drivers of superhero movies and you can’t take your eyes from the execution and presentation of characters. There have always been endless heroic conflicts between superheroes and their rogues. So here we bring you seven most popular superhero rivalries of all time.

1) Superman vs The Flash

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Back in the 1960’s, the power of DC heroes was virtually unlimited. In addition to being super strong, Superman was fast enough to travel across the galaxy between the panels. After the first charity race in a 1967 issue of Superman, the man of steel and the Scarlet speedster went head-to-head a few other times even in the 1990’s when they’re superpowers were more restrained and Wally West to replace Barry Allen in the flash both super fast years were evenly matched with the slightest of edges going to flash.

2) Daredevil vs The Punisher


The Punisher’s criminals ethic has put him at odds with many Marvel’s heroes and Spider-Man 2 captain America. There is nobody who plays a better against his fellow street-level vigilante. The Punisher writer Gerry Conway showed more than a little favoritism when he did his boy Frank against other Marvel characters, but he is not the only creative that’s been drawn to this moral argument between Daredevil and Punisher .


3)The Hulk vs The Thing


Both the Hulk and The Thing basically have one super power, so when the Hulk was on a rampage then he has no choice but to put his body between the green Goliath and any innocent bystander. The one left standing when the dust settles and he is the only person who’s really stood up to the hope.

4) The Hulk vs Thor

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The Hulk may be the strongest one, but that phrase may have a clause about Norse Gods. There are also thousands of years of fighting experience and a variety of other powers including weather control, flight, and an indestructible super hammer. The first Avenger movie gave fans a live-action Thor and Hulk role.

5) DC vs Marvel

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While the two giants of superhero publishing or longtime rivals, they have also teamed up to create a comics putting their heroes against each other. DC and Marvel together published Superman vs The amazing Spider-Man in 1976 and Batman vs The Incredible Hulk. They reached new heights in 1996 with DC vs Marvel which matched up similarly powered characters from each company.

6) Thor vs Loki

There have been several occasions that the God of Thunder and the God of Mischief were at odds. Loki has always done something evil that Thor always hated and protested against. There is so much uncertainty. In spite of being brothers, they maintain a distance.

7) Avengers vs Ultron

Unlike the cinematic one, Ultron was originally created by Hank Pym, one of the founding members of the Avengers. This seems a bit like a family affair with each other, Ultron keeps updating himself, which makes Avengers have a different take on him every they face off.

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