10 Women Who Drove Even The Fiercest Superheroes Crazy In Bed

Oh sure, they might be super, but still, there are some women who took them to bed and did some crazy shit. Here is a list of 10 such women who have slept with the fiercest superheroes:

Lois Lane and Superman

Their relationship is not hidden from anyone, the two worked together as journalists at the Daily Planet but Probably the biggest shock of all in the comics was when the seemingly unbreakable Superman died. He and Doomsday go all out, and it is in their final blow that they strike towards each other, having all their energy, which hits both at the same time with such intensity that at the end of the battle Doomsday is dead, and Superman dies a heroic death in the arms of Lois Lane. Surely they’ve had it too in the long relationship that they had.

Jane Foster and Thor

Yeah, this one is no surprise to us all. Jane Foster who later herself becomes Thor while being a mere mortal too has many times gone down and dirty with the God of Thunder. Surely they had some ‘lightning’ action inside the sheets.

Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man

She is probably the most important character and the love interest that actually shaped what Peter Parker is like today. Gwen and Peter were an amazing couple, loving each other against all odds. Be it Peter’s Aunt May’s deteriorating health conditions or Gwen’s father issues. But the couple still had to face something worse, that would eventually end up killing Gwen. The Green Goblin, Norman Osborn killed Gwen Stacy and ended up giving us a totally new Peter Parker.

Lana Lang and Superman

has been the biggest love interest of Superman before Lois Lane. She well at least for Smallville fans is a big character as Supes had to wait nearly about 5 seasons in order to sleep with her.

Mariko and Wolverine

Wolverine sure has it bad when it comes to having to kill the women he loves, be it Jean, who btw was not so innocent or be it Mariko, who was the daughter of the leader of the Yakuza. Logan loved her to the core and both even got engaged, but Reiko, an assassin poisons her and to avoid a slow painful death she asks her love to grant her a peaceful fast death, which he does.

Vicky Vale and Batman

She was the reporter for the Gotham Gazette. The Lois Lane type character was attracted to both Bruce Wayne as well as the Batman individually and had her doubts about Bruce being the Batman. Though she was misled by Bruce about his identity initially, she eventually comes to know the truth but decides not to report it as she believes that what the Batman is doing is more important than the truth.

Krysalla and Superman

In “Action Comics #410″, Superman falls in love with a woman named Krysalla who later reveals that she is a witch and then Clark reveals that he is the “Man of Steel”. After which they got worried about what their child would be like. Later it turns out that their new born son also came with an other-dimensional twin who would take control of his body and commit horrible crimes. For years, Superman had no idea about this. But eventually, he finds out that his child is a mass murdering beast and then finds a way to kill him.

Silver Saint Cloud and Batman

Silver was another socialite, was a hostess to the elite and wealthy of Gotham City. She after seeing Bruce’s scars came to know about his identity as Batman, because of which she left him. This lead Bruce being devastated knowing that his crime-fighting persona is what drove her away, this, in turn, leads Bruce to give up the cape for quite a while. But after a while, the two got together again and got engaged eventually. Their romance was short-lived though as the villain Onomatopoeia kills Silver.

Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman

Yeah, this was a no brainer. We all know about the love story of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. About how he crash-landed in Thymescera and how she saved his life, both then fell in love and you know the rest.

Mary Jane and Spider-Man


It had to be her in the number one spot. Mary Jane was Peter’s best friend and had known his identity since almost the beginning. MJ was a carefree redhead who was way ahead than Peter’s league. But after the death of Gwen Stacy and Peter becoming more serious, MJ too became more serious in life as well as towards him. This is when Peter boldly kisses her for the first time. The couple eventually gets married and even has a kid. But to save Aunt May, Peter trades his married life with Aunt May’s life with Miphesto.

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