15 Most Amazing Deleted Scenes From Marvel and DC Movies

When you’re shooting a superhero movie, you usually have a lot of money to waste. Jokes aside, you do have a lot of responsibility towards the source material and fans alike. Your usual high budget superhero action flick shoots way more footage, and most of it never sees the light of day. The scenes so shot range from comical transitions to all-out action sequences that were never included in the final cut. Here are deleted scenes from superhero movies that will blow your mind.

1.   The Amazing Spider-Man 2

With the advent of Andrew Garfield as Spider-man in sony’s second iteration of the character, fans got a better look at the college life of our favorite web-slinger. We saw Peter battle the Lizard across New York in the first movie and then came face to face with both Harry Osborne and sony’s iteration of Electro. The sequel grew both in magnitude and scope. We also saw the infamous Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) death scene.

Besides being the highlight of the film, Gwen’s death is also the cornerstone of this deleted scene, where Peter’s father( the undercover spy of the cold war in comics, and a major plot point of the movie) shows up to console and council Peter. To give the “with great power comes great responsibility” speech. Maybe the editors decided that it was more effective if Peter’s past was left obscured and unexplained.

2.   Logan

The 2017 Logan marked not only the end of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine but also of the first X-mean team of 21st Century Fox. The film was loved by fans and critics alike. Everybody complimented Jackman was his impeccable of their favorite angry mutant. In the movie, we saw an old and poisoned Logan battle with a younger mutant of himself all the while trying to defend X-23 ( his genetic clone), and to an extent Caliban. But at the end of the sequence, it was Caliban who saved Logan’s ass by detonating a grenade and killing the man who controlled the young clone. This scene further confirms what the fans deduced themselves, that Caliban is dead.

Although, it does let us know that the grenade did not kill him and here we see Caliban succumbing to his wounds right in front of Wolverine. Maybe the scene was too heavy to keep in the movie, or maybe the editors decided that Caliban’s death would work better in an implication. Whatever the case be, this scene gave us shivers.

3.   Iron Man

Iron Man was arguably the most important movie of the last 15 years, not because of Tony Stark, but because the movie sets up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The starting scenes of Iron Man were meant for one thing and one thing only, to make sure that we despise and be jealous of Tony’s life. The story of iron man is not about saving the world, it’s the story of one man finding himself and realizing his sense of justice in the world. In this deleted scene we get an extended look at the party aboard tony’s private plane and then soldiers performing military maneuvers. This scene was probably longer than originally planned and hence motivated the editors to snip through it while arranging the final cut.

4.   The Dark Knight.

There is no need on this planet who will not commend the great performance of Heath Ledger Joker. This movie, directed by Christopher Nolan, is arguably the greatest comic book movie ever made. The only comic book movie, mind you, that has secured itself a spot on the IMDB 100 best movies of all time. In this clip, we see an alternate version of the hospital explosion scene from the Dark Knight. The narrator explains how the original scene that made the final scene came to be. He says:

“…. I don’t know how he (Ledger) resisted the urge to look back with everything that was going on, he was so close to all of it…”. the narrator appreciates ledgers performance “He never broke character”.

Then we see an alternate version of the scene and realize how the bus sequence is much less effective in delivering the weight of the situation. Of what the Joker had done. Of what Gotham police had allowed happening. The narrator explains how the original idea was completely replaced by the sheer fact that an actor poured everything he had into his character.

5.   The Incredible Hulk

When The Avengers first came out everyone only had one favorite, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. The wisdom and calmness that Ruffalo brought to the character were only amplified by the fact that his other personality was so greatly overpowered. There was a subverted rage in his eyes, we saw this rage make short work of hordes of Chitauri. Banner’s rage was only equal to his disgust for Hulk, despite being a part of himself, the character of Bruce Banner only had hate for his power. We see this when Banner says:

“ You don’t think I’ve tried that. I put a bullet in my mouth, the other guy spits it out”. With emphasis, as this dialogue was, fans never actually saw this sequence….. until now.

6.   The Avengers

In MCU’s climax to phase one, we saw Banner drive the show. Eclipsing the likes of Hemsworth and Captain America. But the thing is, there is a ton of footage from the movie that we never saw. This short clip is one of them. We see Banner recover from his crash and then interact with a guard. It seems as though Banner is also questioning the morality of his actions. Maybe the guard gave him some answers, we don’t know, we can only speculate. But it seems obvious that this clip was removed for pacing reasons.

7.   Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

We come to, arguably, the worst theatrical cut of all time. Batman Vs Superman was maybe one of the most anticipated movies of all time, but the theatrical cut was not only a blunder, it was a complete trainwreck. The theatrical cut not only failed to explain the story or get the pacing right, the entire movie had major plot holes. Including but not limited to the Luthor’s reasoning for hating Superman, Batman’s rage, the entire fight scene in which Batman acquires the kryptonite from Luthor.

This is a clip that solves one of those problems by showing us a crazed Luthor communicating with who fans theorized to be Steppenwolf, a theory thought to be confirmed with the release of Justice League.

8.   Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds received a second chance with comic fans (after his blunder as the green lantern) when the screen test of him as Deadpool leaked to the general public. The leak not only establishes Ryan Reynolds firmly as Fox’s Deadpool but also ensured that we received one of the funniest comic book movies of all time. This deleted severe from Deadpool shows us the not so funny side of Wade’s cancer. It shows us the humanity of the Merc with a mouth.

9.   Spider-man: Homecoming

In this return of Spiderman to the Marvel universe we saw marvel flex it’s muscles over it’s Spiderman IPR by making a reference to Miles Morales. This scene is the extension of what we saw in the theatrical cut of Spiderman Homecoming, where Aaron Davis, the uncle of Miles Morales, is intimidated by Spiderman using his suit’s applications. We see a distraught Aaron Davis trying to get free of the predicament our web-slinger put him in. This scene, like so many others on our list, was most probably cut because of pacing reasons.

Spider-man Homecoming was a gradual establishment of the young Tom Holland’s as MCU’s next Spider-man. This is a part of the film the fans never saw, perhaps only shot to be an extended Easter egg. Tells you how much Marvel foreshadows. Setting up for a post-Infinity War MCU with Miles Morales taking up the Spiderman mantle. Setting up for the Spider-verse.

10. The Dark Knight Rises

Talking about Easter eggs and the comic universe, you need to remember what started the real era of comic book movies, or in fact who? Christopher Nolan, that’s who, it was was truly after The Dark Knight that the general audience became interested in comic book movies, this is where all the appeal came from. The vision of this man shaped the foundation for our comic book movieverses. Not directly mind you, but in a way that the entire industry will remember for a long while.  Here we see another deleted scene that the writers decided against, THE DEMISE OF JIM GORDAN.

11. Batman Foverer

Before we saw the blunder that was Batman and Robin and Bat Nipples, OH MY LORD THAT ARMOR !!! I’m sorry, I’ll calm down. Okay, let’s get at again. This deleted clip is from Schumacher’s Batman Forever. We see Val Kilmer(considered by some to be a great Bruce Wayne, but by none to be even an adequate Batman) enter a Barbershop, a rather peculiar on the nose one( like everything is in this iteration of Batman) Barber Shop. Followed by a rather well-placed one-liner by one of the hairdressers? Perhaps.

12. Spider-man 2

No matter what the contemporary millennial thinks, Toby Maguire was a great Spider-man, if a somewhat nerdy and immature Peter Parker. Or maybe that was just the vision of the filmmaker to have this kind of a quirky fast mouthed Spider-Man and an immature Peter. This may have been a play at character development, how a nerdy individual takes his real role as the protector of New York City, not only becoming a better hero but also a better man.

We also see the favorite trope of Spider-man writers in the form of scribbles on Peter’s notebook with the half-spidey and half Peter face. Or maybe that was just the iteration of Spiderman that had that quirky demeanor misinterpreted as a lack of emotional maturity.

13. X-Men First Class

The x-men first class version of Charles Xavier had charm and a carefree attitude. The vigor of youth thanks to the soft reboot the X-men franchise received at the hands of the studio. The movie had some sequences of Professor X and Magneto travel the globe in search of mutants after assembling cerebrospinal for the first time. They come across Logan, of all people, and attempt to recruit different individuals including Angel. This deleted scene is an extended part of that sequence where Professor X shows off his powers.

14. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was, in the eyes of the critics, the saving grace of the DC extended universe. The movie defined the tone of the DCEU after the average reception that Batman Vs Superman received. This prologue scene that the fans never saw shows us Wonder Woman’s co-conspirators reviewing artwork of what seems to be a mother box. It just goes to what all DC has planned considering this foreshadowing, if it had ever made it in, would have referenced the events of Justice League.

15. Captain America: Civil War

When we saw the end of the Captain America trilogy with civil war, we finally got our hands on some heron vs hero action. War is not about who is right but about who is left. A war is fought only because both parties absolutely believe they’re right. This was the premise of civil war. This deleted scene is one of the action sequences we never saw and would have gone add more chemistry between the winter soldier and the Captain himself. The use of Captain America’s iconic shield to not only bat away the enemy but also make a clever trope is only something that the MCU has seemed to figure out.

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