DC Just Made Robin Richer Than Batman

Robin Richer Than Batman:

Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, is the first-ever Boy Wonder and a superhero protégé that was nurtured and carved into the legend he is today under the tutelage of Bruce Wayne aka the Dark Knight. DC Comics Nightwing #78 marked a major new time for the hero. Some major developments in his personal life happened quickly, and the creative team Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo have taken over.

Dick didn’t attend the reading, but there were two major surprises to be found within 1. Alfred was ALSO a billionaire, and 2. He left all his money to Dick. This advancement in extra cash is huge news to Dick but not as big of news that Bruce wasn’t the only one that was totally loaded sitting in Wayne Manor. “Why would a billionaire make me sandwiches and do my washing?” Dick asks. “For the same reason a billionaire would fight crime in Gotham, It’s what he wanted to do,” Barbara replies. It’s fitting she says that though because as readers know, Bruce has now found himself without his billions and most of his resources removed which mean that Dick Grayson is now richer than Bruce Wayne.

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Nightwing is back and operating in Bludhaven. Dick quickly finds himself back to beating up criminals but also now the proud owner of a new pup. After arriving back home though someone is waiting for him, Barabara Gordon, and she’s got news from the reading of Alfred Pennyworth’s will. To make things even more of a kick in the nuts to Bruce though, Alfred died long before he lost his wealth, so the pair might have been on equal footing and similar tax brackets a few years ago. Now though, Bruce may have to shine Dick’s shoes for once.

Nightwing now has a puppy. The three-legged little furball came without a name at first and after an appropriately titled “Round Robin” bracket, fans were able to choose a proper moniker for the puppy. Taylor and Redondo need to be commended, not just because of Alfred’s belief that Nightwing can be one of the greatest forces for good in the world (which is a world of heroes is saying something), but also for giving Nightwing some incredible closure that he missed out on due to being Ric. As such, it provides one of the best and most intimate moments in all of DC Comics, elevating Nightwing in such a dynamic and engaging way that one would have to be a robot to not choke up a least a little bit by the end of Alfred’s letter.
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