All 7 Movies and TV Shows Set Up By Army Of The Dead

Zack Snyder – Man of the Year! Yes, this man has huge plans for the next few years. Well, looks like his fallout with WB might just prove super beneficial. Army of the Dead has made its way to Netflix. Snyder has left the movie on an epic cliffhanger. What I believe is, a sequel is inevitable. So we ask ourselves – What now? So, I would like to tell you that this film sets up 7 movies and shows! Here are all 7 movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead:

Army Of Thieves

Movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead

Matthias Schweighöfer’s Dieter was easily the most likable character in Army of the Dead. Hence, he’s coming back. Moreover, this time to star and direct the movie himself. It will focus on Ludwig Dieter and a team of dexterous criminals who try to exploit society’s instability during the early days of the zombie outbreak. Army of Thieves is confirmed to be the first title to follow Army of the Dead.

Movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead

Moreover, the movie already has finished production and is set to release next year. The main cast also features Ruby O. Fee, Nathalie Emmanuel, Guz Khan, Stuart Martin, Jonathan Cohen, and Noémi Nakai. Are you excited to see Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) take the lead? I know I am!!

Army Of The Dead: Lost Vegas

Snyder has also confirmed the other installment set in the world of Army of the Dead which is Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. It is a six-episode anime series that follows some of the original movie’s characters: Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward, Ella Purnell’s Kate Ward, Ana de la Reguera’s Maria Cruz, Tig Notaro’s Marianne Peters, and Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe.

Movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead

However, Joe Manganiello will star as Rose, and other notable actors such as Harry Lennix, Anya Chalotra, and Vanessa Hudgens will join him. The series will focus on Scott and Rose’s attempts to rescue survivors and keep the zombies at bay. Moreover, it will focus on the events that happened before the outbreak. For example, how Zeus got infected and how Area 51 is involved will probably factor in, a topic we have discussed previously.

Army Of The Dead 2

Movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead

Vanderohe went hand-to-hand against the previous Zeus. Luckily, Dieter saved his life and threw him in the safe. Even after the nuclear explosion, Vanderohe was out of danger. In the end moments of the movie, it is revealed that Vanderohe is in fact bitten. While he is in the private jet, he starts to feel dizzy and cold. This was a subtle way of recalling the temperature drop that was heavily checked during the quarantine camps. And then, there it was, the bite.

Movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead

The nuclear blast in Las Vegas was supposed to eliminate all the infected people. But, Vanderohe survived, and as it turned out, he was also infected. Nobody expects a zombie to book a flight to a new country. The direct sequel to Army of the Dead could deal with this issue, set up in New Mexico. Vanderohe could become the new Zeus and turn New Mexico into another Zombie Kingdom.

Post-Army Of The Dead Dieter Spinoff

My question is, what happened to Dieter? Even though he seems to be a jumpy character, his true self is shown when he sacrifices himself to save Vanderohe. Dieter pushes Vanderohe into the vault to keep him safe from Zeus. As a result, he is taken away by Zeus and the rest is unknown. Moreover, it is nowhere shown that Dieter was bit by Zeus or any other zombie.

Since Dieter is a major character in the Army of the Dead franchise, a new movie or show could detail either his escape from the Alpha or his transformation into a zombie. A spinoff focused on him would continue his arc through Army of Thieves and Army of the Dead, perhaps concluding it by making him a new Alpha on his third appearance. Moreover, his paths can come across Vanderohe as both the Alpha Males could meet once again.

Bly Tanaka Spinoff

Movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead

Army of the Dead is basically based on Tanaka’s proposal. You have 96 hours to extract $200 million from the vault of a casino and leave. So Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) goes on to make a team. From the beginning, you will get an eerie vibe from this dude. That is because it is ultimately revealed that his true motive was not the money, but something else.

Martin, Tanaka’s Head of Security, reveals that what Tanaka really wanted from Las Vegas was to weaponize the zombie virus. This was the exact reason why Martin beheaded the Zombie Queen. A future movie or show, possibly set after Army of the Dead 2, can reveal Tanaka has succeeded in weaponizing zombies for his own benefit. Maybe not from the immediate Alpha male like Zeus, but some other superpowered Zombie.

Olympus Spinoff

Movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead

The film opens with a military convoy transporting the Alpha zombie Zeus, played by Richard Cetrone. An accident on the road allows Zeus to escape. However, he ends up biting some of the soldiers who then transform into Alphas themselves. Here begins the journey after Zeus sets his sights on the nearby Las Vegas. In a very dramatic yet beautiful shot, Snyder shows that Zeus looks at Olympus as it falls. This is where he sets up his kingdom.

A future sequel could keep exploring a zombified Las Vegas with a stronger focus on the mythology-inspired casino. Moreover, the story could be set before the nuclear blast could take place in the Olympus casino. It could show how Zeus leads the army of all the zombies and their rituals. Also, it could dwell in the relationship between Zeus and his queen, as it’s also shown that both of them were about to start a family. The Olympus spin-off could focus on their culture and ideologies.

Army Of The Dead: Global Outbreak

Movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead

At the end of the movie, Vanderohe realized that he is about to land in New Mexico, and the plague of the Zombies returns with him. While there is no proof that he was bit by Zeus, he could be bit by an Alpha male. However, making Vanderohe changes the concept of an Alpha Male because he is anyway physically strong, and extremely smart. Plus, we have discussed earlier that he might be exposed to the radiation as well from the nuke blast, further enhancing him.

the most obvious outcome of Vanderohe’s infection is the uncontrollable spread of the zombie virus throughout the world. Las Vegas was hardly quarantined. But the rest of the world may not be as lucky. Moreover, the virus will spread ten times quickly in open lands where there are boundaries. Moreover, this installment will not even need to dwell into the backstory of the infection or anything as such. It will be straight up mayhem, with a pre-defined narrative, and this, a definite end.

So these were all the movies and TV shows set up by Army Of The Dead.

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