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Only A True Wolverine Fan Can Answer All These Questions Right!

It is hard to see any other actor as the grumpy sarcastic headhunter of the X-men. Wolverine was already the most famous character on the entire X-Men roster. Not even the X-Men’s leader Professor X was a match for Wolverine when it came to popularity. He became the household name not because he is more important than other mutants, but it was Hugh Jackman who made him a cult figure.

There was something about this oddball character that enticed the readers. Maybe it was his quick digs or his dark humor or just his kickass superpowers (and metallic claws). No one knows for sure, the guy just shot to stardom overnight.

The X-Men movies from 20th Century Fox took advantage of this fame and signed up the perfect guy for series of X-Men and Wolverine films – Hugh Jackman. He has given more than 10 years of his life in service of one character. He invested everything he has got – his heart, sweat, and tears to bring alive Wolverine onscreen.

He has been a thorough professional for all these years. He has been widely praised and revered by both critics and fans alike for his performances in X-Men movies and Wolverine solo movies. It is truly difficult to imagine any other actor but Jackman who could have done justice to the iconic character. He has earned a huge amount of fan following from every corner of the world.

But do these fans really know about this character completely? Here’s your chance to prove that you belong to the category of “Die-Hard Wolverine Fans”. Take this quiz and find out and don’t forget to share your score and do challenge your friends!

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