Flash Season 2 Finale: Are we going to see “Cosmic Treadmill”?

We have finally reached to the last lap of Flash season 2 with just one more episode to go. It’s important for us to introspect and reflect upon the transformation of a show which started off as a family show, but it turned into a dark, brooding saga of a mad masked crusader wreaking havoc in the Central city and Team Flash racing against time to stop him and his allies. Zoom first kidnapped Jesse (daughter of Earth-2 Prof. Wells), then he captured Wally west and traded his life with Flash’s speed force, he then forcefully took Caitlin Snow away as he obsesses over her, traumatized her so much that she has developed some kind of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and finally we saw in the last episode he killed Henry Allen (father of Barry Allen) only to make a point that both of them are the same.

Clearly, the Flash/Barry Allen is burning with rage and vengeful fury, he wants Zoom/Hunter Zolomon to suffer for doing the terrible things he did. It seems from the preview of the finale that Zoom invites Flash for a race, and prove once and for all who is the fastest man alive. The Flash gives in to his demand despite stiff opposition from Prof. Wells.

Under these circumstances, there is a possibility that we may see a version of “Cosmic treadmill” in the show. In DC comics, it’s a time travel device powered by cosmic rays and radioactive pulses, built by Barry Allen himself. In the comics, Hunter Zolomon gets on the cosmic treadmill, go into the past to heal himself as Wally West (then Flash) refused to change the timeline. But in the process, he causes a massive accident that gave him speed powers. It was one of the last comics written by Geoff Johns before we entered into Barry Allen era. There is another DC Rebirth happening right now, but it’s totally unrelated to the show. Another thing we will learn in the finale is the identity of the man in the iron mask, who is very likely to be Earth-2 Henry Allen or real Jay Garrick. The big cosmic treadmill is going to have universe-altering consequences, leading to season 3 which will ultimately set the foundation for a mega crossover of Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

flash season 2 finale

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