Why Gamora Might Be The Love Interest of Adam Warlock and Not Peter Quill

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an unprecedented pace. It is unheard of the things we witness the studio doing. Part of the reason for this is the fact that they have adapted to the pandemic and not shied away from it. The MCU had already unveiled their plans for Phase IV when the pandemic hit but they have adapted it to post-pandemic times by reducing the gap between OTT shows. Regardless, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will start production soon and Will Poulter has been confirmed as Adam Warlock. Now, there is a real chance that Gamora might be the love interest of Adam Warlock and not Peter Quill in Vol. 3.

Join us in understanding what we mean by that claim. It is common knowledge that Gamora and Adam have dated in the comics. In fact, she was introduced as a supporting character for Adam Warlock during the 70s. Gamora, Adam, and Pip made an evil battling trio. They were quite a famous team until they were not. We just think that the writers may choose to pursue this same storyline on Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3. Mainly because Peter Quill and Gamora are no longer lovers.


We would like to remind our readers that the Gamora we came to know in Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 1 and 2 is now no more. MCU Thanos killed that Gamora. But there is another Gamora in the MCU. We are talking about the Gamora who traveled in time with Thanos in Endgame from 2014 to 2023. This Gamora was still loyal to Thanos (until she wasn’t). The events of Guardians of The Galaxy haven’t happened yet and she hasn’t found her family yet. So this Gamora never danced and never fell in love with Quill.


Gamora Might Be The Love Interest of Adam Warlock

This means that her character is ripe for a new development arc. Hence, the writers have no motivation to explore the character in the same way that they did before. An argument can be made about the chemistry between Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt and the fact that Star-Lord deserves a happy ending. But we want to remind everyone that the woman that Star-Lord loved has already passed away. He should not try to control this Gamora, rather he should move on mourn what he has lost.


Whoever this 2014 Gamora is she is not the character we know. She is new and she can be anything, she can be anywhere in the galaxy. We believe that she will be the first guardian to encounter Adam Warlock in Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3, mainly because she doesn’t know that the Golden Gladiator is looking for her. She might not be our Gamora but she has effectively inherited all the enemies of our Gamora and the Guardians. This might be the best chance that Marvel has to explore the Adam-Gamora couple in live-action.


With Will Poulter cast as Adam Warlock fans have already started shipping the characters. We would love to see the cosmic android falling in love with a daughter of Thanos. Especially since this Gamora still hasn’t opened her heart and Adam Warlock is only a decade old in this continuity. Given the fact that Marvel is going to be pushing the envelope on The Power cosmic in this phase of the MCU, we are glad to see Adam Warlock finally make an appearance. Gamora would make an appropriate ally for the Golden Gladiator and act as the segway between the Sovereign and The Guardians.


The Bigger Threat

One can be sure that Adam Warlock is not the main villain of the third Guardians movie. Since it is the last outing of Peter Quill’s version of the team we expect to see a much more dangerous villain take center stage. This would allow Warlock to take up the responsibility as the leader of the New Guardians as he avenges the old ones. Saying anything more will borderline on pure conjecture but we would love to see more super-powered couples in the next movie.


This was our theory on how Gamora Might Be The Love Interest of Adam Warlock. Do you think it is plausible or do you think we are just shooting smoke? Does it sound too vague or far-fetched? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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