5 Craziest Suits Worn By Iron Man Ever

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is known for his brilliant mind. So it’s natural for the billionaire scientist to come up with some outlandish and outright crazy suits now and then. Here is a list of his five craziest suits ever worn by him:

Gold Armor Suit


Iron Man’s first suit was a gray armor which was deeply criticized because it just looked weird.Then in Iron Man’s second comic book “Tales of Suspense” #40, he got a total makeover. And it was not Tony Stark’s brighter ideas either.After a female friend of Tony Stark explained to him that Iron Man’s gray armor was scaring people, Stark just painted over the iron suit instead of redesigning it. Quite a lazy move for such a brilliant man.

Asgardian Suit


In the comic event Fear Itself, Tony Stark created a new suit using Uru, the same metal that is used in Thor’s hammer. He created the suit to fight Serpent, the ancient Asgardian fear deity who was also Odin’s brother.

Tile Armor


The tile armor was introduced in “Iron Man” (Volume 3) #71 and was featured only once. And that was for good reason, the suit was oddly shaped and was made out of tile that could shoot out and work independently of the armor. It has been described as an “ablative” design meaning it was meant to break apart on contact and reconfigure itself due to a force field holding it together.

S.K.I.N Armour:


In 2001’s “Iron Man” (Volume 3) #42, Tony Stark introduced a new armor involving S.K.I.N. (Synth-Kinetic Interface Nano-fluid), a liquid alloy that could change into a lot of different shapes. His outrageous new suit only lasted six issues.

Nose Armor:

iron man

The Nose Armor has been mocked by fans for its weird physicality. Iron Man never had holes in his mask and he was given this new feature that made it look absurd. The intention behind it was to make his face more expressive!

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