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New Theory States That Venom Will Lose in Let There be Carnage

Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters is bustling with life. The media company had wanted to create a memorable villain universe. They have even tried getting the projects off the ground several times in the past couple of decades but failed to bring their idea to fruition. Now that Venom has been met with a generally positive reception we are sure to see some interesting things in this cinematic universe and sub-franchise. Case in point, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is all set to be a new and different take on the characters. We even think that Venom will lose in Let There be Carnage.


Why do we say that? What could the studio possibly gain from making their protagonist lose? Why would they even choose to do such a thing? These are all questions that come to mind. To all people who question our analysis, I present exhibit A, Infinity War. Perhaps one of the most overhyped movies of the decade, Infinity War was an interesting experiment in the movie industry. It was the first movie in the history of Marvel Studios where the villain won by the end. There was no magical power-up, no dues ex Machina, and the heroes had no plot armor.


Hell, Thanos felt like the protagonist of the movie, even though the title card said “Avengers”. All of this, including the marketing effort, existed for the sole purpose of misdirecting the fans into believing in a victory that was never going to come. Even Thor’s final blow was an expectation subversion, in so far as it only serves to give the fans one last sliver of hope. A hope that is crushed by Thanos in the next couple of seconds. We believe something similar is brewing in SPUMC’s Venom franchise.


Venom Will Lose In Let There Be Carnage

There is speculation amongst the fandom that Venom is not strong enough to take on his offspring. The Klyntar are a peculiar race. Each offspring represents some sort of evolution. It means that every time a Klyntar births a new one, the offspring is almost always much more powerful than the parent. This is apparent by Carnage’s enhanced powers and resilience. Part of the reason why Carnage is so dangerous is that he fused with Kletus’ blood vessels. This makes him exceptionally resilient to all firearms as he is much more malleable than Venom.


Venom will lose in Let there be Carnage

The Red Klyntar is also much more ruthless than his father. Part of the reason for this is the mentality of the host. Eddie Brock is a reporter and not a killer. On the other hand, Cletus Kasady is a serial killer and a psychopath. All of this makes Carnage extremely dangerous. He is more than a match for Venom and there is not much the black symbiote can do to combat the villain. Carnage’s brutality is legendary, so it makes sense that Venom will lose in Let there be Carnage. Many fans may argue that this situation is not much different than the first movie where Venom battled riot and his claws.


Venom will lose in Let there be Carnage

To these people, we say that you are forgetting that Carnage will have help. For the uninitiated, there is another symbiote coming to Venom 2. This new symbiote is called Shriek and she is seen to be an inmate at Ravencroft. Fans may also be interested in knowing that Shriek is the love interest of Carnage from the comics. Both of these characters have wreaked a lot of havoc on the general populace. We expect to see a team-up in Venom 2.


The Uphill Battle

Shriek has very interesting powers, she can raise her voice and scream. Her screams come out at supersonic frequencies which means that her mouth is basically a sound cannon. This is even more devastating because Klyntars have one major weakness, they are rendered useless at supersonic frequencies. We have seen this employed against Venom on numerous occasions, including Spider-Man 3. If Carnage gets Shriek on her side then Eddie Brock can’t do much to combat the villain because the supersonic pulse will disable the Venom symbiote.


This means that the battle will turn into a bloodbath for the black symbiote faster than they can say ” We Are Venom”. What do you think of our theory regarding Venom 2? Does it make sense? Or does it seem like pure conjecture? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, Sony, and Hollywood. Keep it real, Quirky People, Excelsior!!!!

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