This Time After What If Zombies, Thanos Will Lose The Infinity War

Thanos terrorized our heroes and the fandom for over a decade. He sent all kinds of evil forces to conquer the earth in an effort to subjugate us before he decided to do it himself. Loki was the vanguard of his forces and when that failed Thanos decided to look to other minor villains, such as Ronan. But all of it meant less than nothing when Infinity War rolled around. The Mad Titan cut through the Avengers like a hot knife through butter. No one on earth was capable of standing in his way, although our heroes tried their best. Now after watching What If…? zombies take place on the cusp of Infinity War we believe that things will go south pretty quick after everyone is cured. For all his menacing looks, we still think that Thanos will lose the Infinity War after What If Zombies.

Thanos was the biggest threat in the Marvel cinematic universe for a long time, but now he is just a zombified husk holding the Infinity Gauntlet. Still, that thing probably has enough kick to erase the entire Universe. The Quantum realm is something different, isn’t it? It created one of the most dangerous realities yet. Well, Dangerous for the Average Person, the Avengers somehow made it through, well some of them. Anyhow, we think the next step in the episode would have been to cure the entire world. There is only one issue with that, there is Infinity Gauntlet wearing Zombified Thanos standing in the way. Spider-Man, a handicapped T’Challa, and a floating head are no match for Thanos’s army, much less the Infinity Gauntlet. But there is one hope.


Thanos Will Lose The Infinity War

In Infinity War we saw the Mad Titan descent on Avengers like a storm, his movements were unpredictable but every blow landed with lethal precision. This ramped up the tension of the movie to an 11. Infinity War is probably the best movie Marvel Studios ever made (other than Iron Man ), the main reason for that is its villain (read Protagonist) Thanos.

Thanos Will Lose The Infinity War

Infinity War’s focus was Thanos and yet this What If…? episode that takes place at the exact same time has put him on the sidelines. The reason for that is probably that Marvel would want to do a follow-up episode to the same. We predict that Thanos will lose in this future confrontation/Episode. For the naysayers, we have two words, ‘King Thor’.


King Thor may be a stretch but consider this for a moment, by the time it took Thanos to collect all the infinity stones and get to Wakanda, Thor has already acquired the Stormbreaker in the sacred timeline. There are two possibilities how this would have played out in What If…? episode 5. Either this gory universe would have given us a Thanos so Mad with anger that he would have already killed Thor on their encounter for the space stone, Or Thor might have escaped and went about his sacred timeline route. Now focus, this is where it gets good. If we assume that Thor survived the way he does in the sacred timeline then we can also be sure that he and rocket will go to search for Nidavellir. There Thor will once again channel the power of Stormbreaker and rise as King Thor.


King Thor

Thanos Will Lose The Infinity War

The advent of King Thor means the demise of Mad Titan. MCU’s version of fully powered Thor is capable of repelling the power of all 6 stones. So what can a Zombified Thanos hope to do against a power like that? The only reason Thanos won in the MCU was that he had the wit to snap and escape from Thor’s clutches at the same time. It would have been utterly impossible to do if Thanos did not have his sharp battle sense about him. A fully powered Thor is not a being that you can defeat, or even hope to challenge. The only true question would be whether Thor reaches Wakanda before our survivors.


If Zombie Thanos gets his hands on the mind stone he may snap Thor out of existence. But this only happens when the survivors reach Wakanda before Thor can fight Thanos. It is a race against time, and the heroes are competing with themselves, which is the most interesting part. Let us know what you think about this theory and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, Dc, and Hollywood.

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